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  • By Beth Havinga, Managing Director of the European EdTech Alliance   Current Situation  In the middle of February, I was packing my bags to leave on a long trip with my two small daughters, full of ex ...
  • By Alfred Cardona, Head of Learning and Quality, Croydon College  For digital natives, for gen X, Y and Z and for gen Alpha, digital just simply is. Community is built on it.   Construction depends on ...
  • By Dr Neelam Parmar, Director of Digital Learning and Education, AISL Harrow Schools The metaverse has generated a lot of buzz and as educators, we know that not all buzz is relevant in our learning s ...
  • In this keynote session, Jean-Claude Brizard, Cigdem Ertem and Ollie Bray explore the opportunities and threats that automation presents to our students' future, and how we can change the role of tech ...
  • Explore how Samsung’s Solve for Tomorrow programme is helping develop critical and innovative thinking in students as young as 11, so they can think about how tech can solve some of society's most pre ...
  • The EdTech Buyers Guide, developed in partnership with EdTech Impact, is your guide to making the most of the Bett show.
  • A state-of-the-art digital platform intends to revolutionise the way communities engage with their local state schools, bringing much needed support to teachers.
  • In conversation with Eduardo Briceño

    28 Feb 2022 Eduardo Briceño, Growth Mindset Keynote Speaker
    Bett 2022 keynote speaker and growth mindset expert Eduardo Briceño shares his thoughts on the role of growth mindset in a time of unprecedented disruption and what this means for the education commun ...
  • Esports: Not just for the players

    28 Feb 2022 Written by Laura Hall
    Esports is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing sectors for education.
  • A Case Study in Distance Education

    05 Jun 2020 By Prof Francis William Petersen at the University of the Free State, @UFSweb
    Prof Francis William Petersen takes us through his university’s approach to distance learning.
  • The Long Read: Your School Online – Key considerations for school leadership @davewhy
  • Virtual Education in a Pandemic: Challenges and Opportunities

    01 May 2020 Pablo Riveros, CEO & Founder Tsunagaru Edutech
     This pandemic is changing human interactions and is an opportunity to think about what modern education should be.
  • A view from the bridge: How Thailand's lockdown is part of a wider education vision

    28 May 2020 Anucha Burapachaisri, Thai Ministry of Education
    Bett interviewed the Thai Ministry for Education to understand their next steps for online and in-school learning
  • An Update from the Bett Asia Advisory Board

    19 Jun 2020 By Elle Monaghan, Content Producer for Bett
    We caught up with our network of educators, experts and thought-leaders across Asia to find out what has changed in the education sector over the past few months.
  • Investing in the Future of Asia’s Education

    25 Sep 2020 Written by Emily Colyer, Content Producer at Bett
    The Bett team interviewed education specialists Brajesh Panth and Jian Xu, exploring the challenges, opportunities and future course of education and technology in Asia.
  • Bett Asia was honoured to present the future of work and youth skills at SEAMEO Congress 2021.

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