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  • Strategically embracing technology across universities is necessary for their enduring success.
  • As we head into 2024, there are more digital tools than ever before to help educators connect and excel at work.
  • Rethinking literacy in a changing world

    06 Dec 2023 Alexander Rosenberg, Founder and Creative Director, LinkyThinks
    Literacy has changed. Remember when it was just about reading, writing and speech? Now, literacy has a more expansive meaning, with applications throughout education.
  • Many girls and young women don’t know they have ADHD, because their condition is so underdiagnosed. How can we all support these often-overlooked students?
  • With more than 100 humanitarian crises around the world in 2023 alone, children’s education is taking a terrible hit. Can EdTech help to fill in the learning gaps and support better futures?
  • Bridging the tech gap

    24 Nov 2023
    Which students fall on the wrong side of the digital divide, and what can be done to support them?
  • How does the call for later school start times reflect a growing shift in attitudes to education?
  • An award-winning hybrid assessment project by Birmingham City University Hybrid Model has transformed their students’ testing experience and helped to bridge the digital divide.
  • While individual school budgets vary, wider trends will affect all school budgets. Here’s what your school needs to consider.
  • Smart educators invest in impact – so what should you consider before buying EdTech?
  • Lenovo’s ESG commitments aim to fuse education, environmental responsibility, and innovation with a mission to redefine what it means to be a tech company in today’s world.
  • Compared to alternatives like apprenticeships or corporate training, is Higher Education still providing a worthwhile experience?
  • The future is theirs: the importance of Kids Judge Bett

    26 Sep 2023 By Katy Potts, Computing and Online Safety lead at Islington Council.
    Back in 2014 Islington schools and families would gather at the show, to explore stands and listen to opinions of the children. At this time Dave Smith who is now at the British Educational Suppliers ...
  • In a world embattled by geopolitical unrest, the migration crisis and climate change, we need changemakers more than ever. Youthtopia founder Melati Wijsen explores how we empower our young people for ...
  • Are you teaching the next Steven Bartlett?

    18 Sep 2023 Written by Julian Hall, CEO of
    With the rise of platforms like Wish, Shein, TikTok shop and now Temu, young people are not only consuming products online more than ever but have ambitions to become the entrepreneurs of the future c ...
  • Renowned education expert Prof Dr Ger Graus explains what the theme of Bett Asia means to him, and what technology’s role could be in transforming minds.

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