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  • What Technology do Schools in Africa REALLY want?

    25 Jun 2024 Written by David Marriott, CEO & Founder of Ubuntu Education
    Our efforts to close the global education gap using technology is seeing a widening of the gap instead. Where are we going wrong?
  • Understanding and utilising the Dyslexia Map: A resource for educators and parents

    21 Jun 2024 by Dr. Martin Bloomfield, Associate Trainer, York Associates
    The Dyslexia Map is a comprehensive Google Map designed to catalogue dyslexia associations and resources globally.
  • It’s no secret that students use AI, and it’s sometimes encouraged - but does it mean they’re losing the power of critical thinking?
  • My brother Professor Jason Arday and the AI generation

    06 Jun 2024 by Joe Arday MBCS FRSA FCCT
    Joe Arday, educator and brother of Bett 2024 keynote speaker Jason Arday, reflects on his brother's speech and how AI In education needs to be more diverse.
  • The United Nations' latest Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Progress Report flags that progress on more than 50% of the 2030 targets is “weak and insufficient; on 30% has stalled or gone into reve ...
  • How a questioning mindset could be the catalyst for change within education. 
  • Tech funding available to support STEM based learning
  • Gen Z is lonelier, more anxious and more depressed. What can educators, institutions and parents do to help?
  • Tech funding for STEM based learning from Meet and Code

    15 May 2024 Written by Matt Hewlett, Community and Education Lead, Digit
    Inclusion advocate and Love Island star Tasha Ghouri explains how students' differences are their superpowers and how to create a more inclusive classroom.
  • Unlocking potential: Building inclusive classrooms for deaf students

    07 May 2024 by Tasha Ghouri, Campaigner and Entrepreneur
    From space to the surgery table, embracing virtual horizons is the future.
  • Using augmented reality to transport learners into careers

    29 Apr 2024 by Professor Fridolin Wild, The Open University
    Experts predict there will soon be more green jobs than professionals equipped with the skills to perform them. Here's how we can train tomorrow's green workforce today.
  • As more students grow up with immensely powerful GenAI a click away on their computers and in their pockets, educators are having to grapple with the opportunities and challenges it presents.
  • Robots have immense promise as educational aides. We offer a glimpse into the mechanical marvels which may be fixtures in innovative classrooms in the future.
  • 2024 Bett speaker, Sam Smith, shares how universities can do more to support students who may be at risk of suicide.
  • The missing piece in online safeguarding: suicide prevention

    04 Apr 2024 by Sam Smith and Elena Yaneva, R;pple Suicide Prevention
    Trigger Warning: Suicide This article contains discussions and references to suicide. Reader discretion is advised.   2024 Bett speaker, Sam Smith, shares how universities can do more to support stude ...
  • Using tech to enhance and enable educators, not replace them!

    27 Mar 2024 Created in partnership with Dr. Neelam Parmar - AISL Harrow Schools
    Here's our expert advice on how to make sure the connections between educators and solution providers made at Bett don't end after the show.

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