Closing the Equity Gap in Education in Partnership with HP

29 Nov 2023
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Closing the Equity Gap in Education in Partnership with HP

The United Nations’ latest Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Progress Report flags that progress on more than 50% of the 2030 targets is “weak and insufficient; on 30% has stalled or gone into reverse.” Over 384 million children are at risk of being out of school or will leave the education system unable to read and write.

To find, champion and create effective solutions to the global education crisis, Bett, in partnership with Bett Global Inclusion Partner HP, is hosting a series of roundtable sessions bringing together global education EdTech, influencers and stakeholders. These closed-door events are designed to bridge the global equity gap in education through outcome-focused dialogue. The group’s diverse perspectives consider the challenges at global, national, regional and city level, acknowledging the nuanced approaches needed to solving the varying challenges faced.

The collaboration fostered by bringing together major players from the education ecosystem sets a precedent new partnerships and actionable resolutions to the issues facing the sector today. All over the world, HP’s global education teams are working with Ministries of Education, charities and NGOs to take a renewed look at inclusion, and the fundamentals that education plays in levelling up and bridging the education gap.

What Next?

The series of roundtables is set to continue, with the third edition taking place in London early next year. Future iterations will include student and teacher voice, meaning the problems faced will be considered from the perspective of those most impacted day-to-day. And with the support of the Bett community, the group will monitor outcomes and share projects and resolutions inspired by this initiative. 

To read more about the group’s findings, read the resulting whitepaper from Bett 2023 here.

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