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    02 Feb 2023 Written by LGfL and EdTech UK in collaboration
    LGfL and EdTech UK are working in partnership to develop communities of practice that provide peer-to-peer support for the effective use of technology for enhancing teaching and learning.
  • Encourage Student Voice for Education

    25 Nov 2022 Written by Alison Bellwood, Creator and Executive Director World’s Largest Lesson
    When the concept is difficult to grasp or the homework is hard, how many times have you heard “what’s the point of this anyway?”
  • In this article Dr Fiona Aubrey-Smith, Associate Lecturer at The Open University for Master of Education, Professional Doctorate and BEd Education Studies programmes, examines some of the key challeng ...
  • 5 EdTech Trends shaping Asia’s Education in 2023

    13 Sep 2022 Dr Nanthaporn Prae Seributra
    For more than two years, we have seen a significant shift in technology in education due to the pandemic. Accelerated technology adoption brings new ways of learning at scale, and education pivots to ...
  • Lifting the lid on school governance

    25 Aug 2022 By Al Kingsley
    Skills shortages are a concern in many industries across the UK right now. Healthcare, construction, farming, technology-based sectors and more are all struggling to recruit skilled people to fill vac ...
  • According to the ONS, in 2021, 31% of UK tech jobs are held by women. A 2017 PWC UK survey of 2,000+ A-levels and university students shows that the gender gap in technology starts at school: only 27% ...
  • Transforming Pedagogy

    25 May 2022
    As institutions look to consolidate and rationalise their accelerated adoption of technology to enable teaching and learning, what does this mean for the future of pedagogy? This panel session gathers ...
  • What does it take to create the future? Eduardo will share the key ingredients: the mindsets, habits, and cultures to make the world a better place. A growth mindset, the belief that we can change and ...
  • Prepare learners for tomorrow through curiosity, engagement and real-world experiences. In this session a primary school will provide a deep dive into how digital technologies such as video, imagery, ...
  • More than 50% of school teachers indicated that there has been a dramatic learning loss. Both in academic learning and social emotional progress due to Covid 19 shifting instruction from in class to d ...
  • Imagine classrooms where students are excited and engaged in learning. Learning spaces that are flexible, collaborative, equitable, healthy, and inspiring. Find out from our Showcase Schools how Micro ...
  • It's 2032. We are looking back, ten years to be exact, on the most interesting years education has ever known. That was the time when media literacy became increasingly higher on the agenda: - Apps li ...
  • Learn from Greenwood Academies Trust how to collaborate with Microsoft to elevate innovation and digital transformation in your school.
  • Listen what Phil Birchinall - Senior Director of Immersive Content, Discovery Education thinks about implementing innovations in classrooms
  • Lego explore cultivating a growth mindset and how to instil a lifelong love of learning in students.

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