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01 Feb 2024

Twin and Intel: A success story born at Bett

Twin and Intel: A success story born at Bett

The first official meeting in Bett 2024 with Cigdem Ertem, Intel Education's General Manager, marked a significant milestone for Twin Science. What began as an unexpected encounter on the final day of Bett 2023 unfolded into the foundation of a groundbreaking partnership. Our discussions about potential collaborations at the conference evolved into a concrete plan, setting the stage for meaningful action and impact in the year ahead.

We value impact partnerships

Our partners play a crucial role in our STEM for Sustainability (S4S) journey. In the realm of education, collaboration and impactful partnerships are not just beneficial, they are essential. We have the honour of partnering with prestigious institutions like University College London and Imperial College. Through our Foundation for Education Development partnership, our STEM for Sustainability library is set to reach 4,000 UK schools, supporting the Climate Change and Sustainability Agenda to integrate sustainability into the UK national curriculum.

Twin Science and Intel partnership

The Intel® Skills for Innovation Initiative aids educators in embracing technology to foster innovative learning experiences. Intel inspires teachers and learners to realise their full potential through a technology-supported, skills-based approach, equipping them for future challenges.

Following our meeting with Intel at Bett, we embarked on a close collaboration. Our focus was on enhancing the Intel® Skills for Innovation platform by integrating our STEM for Sustainability library. This integration is designed to empower educators with essential future-ready skills. We have produced starter packs for Skills for Innovation, supported by Intel for effective implementation.

STEM for Sustainability content integrated into the SFI platform

Our collaborative efforts enable educators to adopt new technologies and teach children in an engaging and playful manner. We support the creation of innovative and enjoyable learning experiences. One example is the use of 3D printing technology for educational purposes.


Showcasing our partnership at the Intel stand

At the Intel Booth Stage, we had the unique opportunity to demonstrate the fruits of our collaboration. Highlighting our STEM for Sustainability (S4S) content, we delved into the intricacies of our partnership, illustrating how the integration with Intel® Skills for Innovation (SFI) initiative is revolutionising educational approaches. Our presentation was more than just an overview, it was a vivid showcase of practical applications and real-world impact.


Our partnership doesn't stop at the #SkillsforInnovation platform

However, our partnership extends beyond the Skills for Innovation platform. We are committed to introducing the latest technological advancements in disadvantaged schools, providing them with necessary tools and resources.

Aligning with the Intel RISE Technology Initiative (IRTI) priorities, we are focusing on inclusive STEM and sustainability education, bridging the digital divide, and driving positive change through technology. Key objectives of the IRTI partnership include equipping Turkish educators with project-based STEM education tools, fostering innovative teaching methods, and impacting 40 schools and 2,000 educators.

The project targets educational challenges in 17 cities across Turkey, particularly in earthquake-prone areas with underprivileged students and limited resources. Twin is responsible for content generation, localising Intel content into Turkish, and managing an educational platform for teachers and students. We also provide technical training for teachers, organize competitions, and offer ongoing support.


Intel Education General Manager Cigdem Ertem and Asude Altintas at YGA Summit

The Young Guru Academy (YGA), a non-profit organisation committed to nurturing well-rounded youths, will oversee the project's operations. Their tasks include liaising with teachers, providing professional development training, and creating case studies.

The final meeting at Bett 2023 led to an impactful partnership that set the stage for our first meeting at Bett 2024. Looking ahead, we are excited to deliver our project deliverables alongside Intel, aiming to reach more disadvantaged children and make STEM for Sustainability education accessible to all.

Bett 2024 is already fostering new collaborations. We are thrilled to announce a series of CPD webinars for educators in partnership with Intel, focusing on expanding knowledge in emerging technologies, including AI. Feel free to register to our next AI CPD session from this link.

For those interested in impactful partnerships, feel free to reach out to me at

About Twin Science

Twin is a Bett 2020 Winner education technology company headquartered in London UK and Istanbul Turkey. As and education technology company, we are focused on empowering teachers and students with STEM-based sustainability skills. So far we reached 40 countries, 4,000 schools and more that 1.5 million children. Our current priority is to establish the world's largest STEM for Sustainability library. This library is not just a collection of content but a comprehensive blend of physical and digital products. For more information:


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