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28 Sep 2020

What Matters in EdTech ' Innovation

What Matters in EdTech ' Innovation

Innovation can sometimes feel esoteric. Yet, without it where would we be? Endlessly plodding perhaps…

In this episode, we are talking innovation with guests from Dubai, Brazil, Singapore and the UK.

Expect ideas on how to build the team around you to take new ideas forward, how to create the space for innovation, and ways to measure impact, including, “how much time have I saved?”

Guests on this episode include:

  • Sophie Bailey, Founder & Presenter, The Edtech Podcast, UK
  • Raya Bidshahri, Founder & CEO, Awecademy, UAE
  • Luciano Meira, Co-Founder, Joy Street & UFPE Professor, USA
  • Dr Samson Tan, Head of Centre for Innovation in Learning, National Institute of Education, Singapore
  • Simon Wilson, CTO, Aruba, UK & Ireland

Click below to listen to the podcast or you can download it to listen on the go


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