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Bett Wellbeing Roundup

Written by Emily Colyer, Bett
26 Aug 2021
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Bett Wellbeing Roundup

As we shift gears in preparation for a new academic year while we are still experiencing ongoing change and disruption, it is perhaps more important than ever for the education community to take the time to focus on their wellbeing provision.

Bett has rounded up a selection of wellbeing-focused articles from our Community Hub, arming institutions with tips, best practice, case studies, and resources from around the world so that both educators and learners are ready to take on the new year. Read on for further advice on how you can improve wellbeing and resilience across your education community.

UK Guidance: Preparing for the new requirements for mental health education in September

If you're wondering how UK schools can meet the new mental health education requirements that must be in place by September 2021, here’s some ideas to help.

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Seven top tips for supporting student wellbeing on and offline

Student wellbeing social enterprise EduKit provides practical ways schools can support the wellbeing of their students, both on and offline.

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How Staff Wellbeing is the key to a Successful School

Kerry Hill, Headteacher of Eyres Monsell Primary School, has embedded mental health and wellbeing as a golden thread throughout her school and shares how they use TAP’s free-to-use digital thanking platform to create a whole-school culture of wellbeing.

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Revisiting BettFest: Bruce Daisley on resilience and productivity at work

In this article, the Bett team revisits a BettFest session presented by Ex-Twitter VP Bruce Daisley, who explored how we can unlock our imagination and build resilience in our communities.

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Putting the 'we' back into wellbeing

Dr. Sadie Hollins from Lanna International School (Thailand) shares how we can use 'the power of the group' to help students navigate uncertainty.

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Four top tips for teacher wellbeing in 2021

Jon Smedley breaks down how teachers can look after their own wellbeing in 2021 with tips from some key education influencers.

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Cultivating 21st Century resilience and mindfulness

Emma Carbery regularly delivers resilience, EQ and mindfulness programmes. In this article, she explains why her first question is always:  How does it feel to work and live in the 21st Century?

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Sharing best practice: Providing practical help and support in uncertain times

During lockdown, sharing best practice and high-quality resources was an essential way of overcoming challenges. TheSchoolBus explains why this is still necessary now and how to use this information to support your staff.

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Navigating disruption: Spotlight on social-emotional learning

Barbara Holzapfel of Microsoft highlights the importance of developing social-emotional skills to ensure that students are resilient, optimistic learners who can navigate disruption.

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Excel Good, Tik-Tok Bad: Is All Screen Time Created Equal?

John Jones, Director of Innovation at the family of Four RGS Worcester Schools (UK), dives into the positives and negatives of screen time, and how we can all better manage our interactions with technology.

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