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An international review of plans and actions for school reopening

Rachael Fitzpatrick, Astrid Korin, and Anna Riggall, Education Development Trust
18 Dec 2020
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An international review of plans and actions for school reopening

This report is based on a rapid survey of recently published materials, guidance documents and media commentary. It summarises what we know and understand about the impacts of the prolonged school closures that followed the spread of COVID-19 and the context of school reopening and plans for learning recovery.

The first chapter of this report updates what we know about student and teacher wellbeing, the time spent on learning for pupils during the period of school closure and the experience of lockdown for teachers.

In the second chapter, we consider the status of school reopening planning around the world, alongside the measures being taken to ensure that students and teachers can return to school safely. We also look at emerging plans to tackle learning loss and to structure and support recovery.

Finally, the report assesses the conditions for long-term educational recovery with a focus on funding and financial support for governments in low-income contexts, where fragile and unequal learning environments had already persisted prior to COVID-19 school closures.

You can access the full report from the Education Development Trust here. This article was originally posted on the Education Development Trust’s blog and can be accessed here.

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