09 Nov 2020

44% of staff feel their work-life balance is sustainable

44% of staff feel their work-life balance is sustainable


According to Tes’ recent Staff Wellbeing Report, 44% of staff believe their current work-life balance is sustainable. With 35% feeling they have enough time to do their job effectively. 

The report, which was based on over 60,000 responses from staff across the globe, is the first of its kind and was conducted using data from the wellbeing survey tool Staff Pulse.

While results demonstrate that staff are facing a number of challenges, an overwhelming 84% believe they are good at their job, 78% enjoy working with their colleagues and 94% care about their students.

With staff placed on the frontline during the pandemic, the wellbeing of staff should be on every leader’s radar, and the report gives an interesting insight into the mood in staffrooms the world over.

Download the full report


Source: Tes Staff Pulse data: correct October, 2020.

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