24 - 27 January 2018
ExCel London

Let’s talk about the future of education

Changing the game one lesson at a time!

We need to address the here and now to transform the future of learning. We like to stay at the forefront of trends and challenges across the education landscape, so we can share thought-provoking and inspiring content that makes a real impact.

Sit back and relax as some education experts share their thoughts on what the future of education holds, the role that technology will play and what excites them most about Bett.

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Fulfilling your potential

"The greatest factor that promotes student outcomes is the quality of the teacher. We should be focusing on that for the next few years."

Collin Hegarty, Top Ten Finalist, Global Teacher Awards


The role of technology in the future

"Kids will learn how to create with tech, not just consume. We now need to create the next generation of digital creators."

Philipp Colligan, Chief executive, Raspberry Pi Foundation


Leading today's students into tomorrow's jobs

"Are we preparing our kids for the new world of work? We need to evolve or else school as we know it will become obsolete to our kids."

Eric Sheninger, Senior Fellow, International centre for leadership in education

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