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With years of experience and deep partnerships with leading manufacturers, CDW will work with you to develop a comprehensive esports solution. From handling the data centre, networking, esports arena design and game streaming, we can help you with your esports program. 

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Esports can help attract, engage and motivate students of all ages

For educators looking to attract talent from across the world, a dedicated esports ecosystem a big draw. In the “Climbing up the Careers League” White Paper Scott Gillingham, Gaming and esports Lead for Intel UK explains how esports are unlocking new and diverse career opportunities for students. 

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IT Solutions for Technology in the Classroom

One of the greatest challenges Educators face is in harnessing the power of technology in a way that is safe, inspiring and cost effective. 

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Create — or Build on — a Successful Esports Program

Coordinated planning and support are essential to establishing an esports program with lasting impact. Our experts will evaluate your resources and break down everything your institution needs to reach its goals. 

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