23 - 26 January 2019
ExCel London

Century's success story

Established in 2016, Century Tech is the first company to merge Artificial Intelligence (AI), big data and personalised learning. Its purpose is to improve learning outcomes by providing teachers with detailed insights into each students’ learning patterns. 

In addition, it helps educators be the best they can be by automating data management entry, reporting and marking – which often takes up to 60% of a teacher’s time per week, and frees up time to be spent with students.

"Bett is the global education event and that’s why we used it for our launch. given that we are the first ai platform in UK schools we’ve had a very special response and i couldn’t be happier." 

Priya Lakhani, CEO & Founder, Century Tech.

Century Tech bett exhibitor


The company was looking for the right setting for its launch in order to generate maximum impact, feedback and leads.


To ensure a successful high-profile launch to the UK and international education markets and start to generate sales opportunities.

The Bett solution:

Exhibiting for the first time and needing to make a strong impact, Century Tech worked closely with the Bett team to identify the right position and size of stand. In addition, a programme of promotional activity involving email, social media, the website and the Bett guide was carried out.

The aim was to capitalise on the many people who’d already started to informally trial the Century Tech platform during 2016 prior to its official launch, and grow the number of users.

Results achieved:

  • Many prospects want trials of Century in their schools
  • Positive feedback on the potential of the technology
  • Strong sales pipeline
  • Increased brand awareness

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