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Introducing Event Guides Retail & Consumer Limited, our Official Show Publications partner.

The Official Publications play a central role in supporting both the information needs of visitors and the promotional needs of exhibitors. Over 150 exhibitors annually advertise in the Official Publications to entice more customers to their stand, maximise sales, develop prospects and create a powerful brand presence before, during and after the event.

There are a number of exciting new initiatives available this year and we look forward to helping you towards a successful Bett 2020. View the ratecard here.

Contact Ben Bewley on 44 (0)1228 541200 or email ben.bewley@eventguides.co.uk.


There are a number of third parties claiming to be collating an exhibitor's directory on behalf of UK exhibitions. Should you be contacted by any of these please ignore their correspondence as this is a scam. The companies in question also claim to be offering online services and use a form which resembles an organiser's free catalogue listing service. 

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