23 - 26 January 2019
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Founded in 2017, edvinca is the first investment company dedicated exclusively to Educational Technology (EdTech). edvinca is the fruit of a joint venture between Hambro Perks, a growth investment firm based in London, and DLF Venture, a family-owned holding company based in Luxemburg.

Helping businesses make an impact

At edvinca, our aim is to help EdTech startups make large-scale impact. We are active investors who like to think global. We invest in early stage companies that we grow alongside their founders. We offer follow-on funding and deploy permanent capital to address our long-term vision.

With the development of technology and artificial intelligence, the Factory Model of Education designed for the Industrial Revolution is now obsolete. The current educational system needs to reflect the World we live in. 

Edvinca by Hambro Perks Bett show

By leveraging technology in Education, edvinca aims to:


  • empower students to master 21st Century skills and be fulfilled in their future professional lives
  • help institutions follow digital trends and better cater for today‚Äôs needs
  • support teachers with digital tools set to foster innovation, communication, and collaboration skills
  • give corporates access to well-trained graduates who have the skills they require

At edvinca, we therefore focus on: Digital content creation and delivery, Program adequacy: new methods of teaching more relevant content and Extra-curricular distributed learning.

Our Portfolio Companies include:

  • Pi-Top (project-based Computer Science and STEM learning tools)
  • Kortext (digital textbook platform) 

We are constantly looking for other exciting projects to invest in, and often at opportunities to create synergies between our portfolio companies. 

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