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One mission: solving global issues

One mission: solving global issues


What is more powerful than brining the world into your classroom? In October 2020 a new global educational project will be launched: The Climate Action Project

The Climate Action Project is a global educational project involving 10 million participants across 123 countries aiming to change students behaviour and societies mindset.

Students will go on a six week journey and will explore, create, discuss and share findings and solutions to their peers in 6 continents. It is supported by WWF International and thanks to a collaboration with NASA, this year students will be able to send their drawings to… Mars! CAP

The project allows teachers to access a global platform for free, where they will be able access learning resources and connect and collaborate with other teachers in every corner of the world. During the Climate Action Project, teachers will receive curriculum (in 10 languages), guidelines and will be personally guided by facilitators. At the end of the project there will be virtual interactions with experts and other classrooms.

And yes! The project will be Corona-proof. Climate Action Project will provide a special curriculum which will guide you. Some activities can be run by students at home and you will be free to decide how much time you’d like to spend on the project. Even half an hour a week makes you part of the project and the global community.

The project made a lot of impact during the past years: students in Malawi planted 60 million trees, Indian students developed a solar driven cart and created their own bioplastics, Canadian students 3D-printed coral reefs, American students developed a solar suitcase and Irish students even received a letter from their president.

On Thursday 5 November from 11:00-18:00 GMT Climate Action Project will host a FREE Webinar, Climate Action Day. This will feature speakers such as Sir David Attenborough, Dr Jane Goodall,  WWF, NASA and many more...You can register to attend below!

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