3RDFlix Visual Effects


Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality as well as simulations can bring new ways for children to learn difficult concepts. Explore some of the possibilities being developed.

Arduino - DB


Arduino is an electronics platform consisting of both hardware and open-sourced software. Designed for older students, the kits and bundles offer different coding experiences for students to try.

Cabri | Make Math Success


Cabri presents tools to support mathematical learning based on the concept of “Try it to learn it” for students and teachers from primary school to college.

Data Harvest Group Ltd


Data Harvest has been a stable to science teaching for years. It’s worth exploring the new and free EasySense 2 software which can connect any of the Smart Wireless Sensors with existing EasySense Data Loggers and SmartQ Sensors. A good way to use kits that may be lurking in that equipment cupboard.

IDEA Digital Education


My IDEA is an avatar-led learning adventure to develop numeracy and literacy learning skills in early years. For more structured e-learning content then more traditional interactive resources have been developed for English, Mathematics and Science.

iRobot Corporation


An interesting 'levelled' approach to coding. With a robot that can draw, scan, see, climb, light, feel, bump, play, expand, erase, hear and move; there's plenty to explore and apply.

Kai's Clan ~ Adventures in collaborative coding


This is a clever mix of teaching coding, robotics, AR, VR and The Internet of Things, all in one place. The introduction of multiplayer collaborative coding whereby students take on different roles within the coding process, promotes the idea that coding should not always be a lone activity.

LEGO® Education


LEGO is a well known resource children and students will be familiar with. LEGOEducation captures and harnesses both their enthusiasm and interest to provide a host of different coding experiences.

MicroMaker Education


Making use of the Micro:bit, the Micromaker Education Programme presents different lessons, projects and kits if you are looking to begin your programming journey.



With a blend of sport, story, music and mathematics, Numberfit is about making maths active.

Primary Science Teaching


Sometimes it is not about the kit you can purchase but about the support that is around. The Primary Science Teaching Trust, with a range of free resources is certainly a resource to explore!

Robots in Schools Ltd


Who wouldn't want an Edbot? If budget is no problem, then Edbot provides a likeable character to programme and control and for your class to fall in love with. For a lower-cost option, then the Edbot Dream, with its ability to make 20 different robots at least demonstrates what you can programme and achieve.

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