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WisePay​ provides​ a comprehensive portfolio of ​​flexible ​payment,​ ​booking​ ​and communications​ ​solutions.​

​Our​ Services have market leading functionality allowing Schools/Academies/MATs tailored packages based on their specific needs. 

WisePay is visual, customer friendly and easy to use.  We provide single sign-on, one click login and APP options.

We offer low transaction rates and automatic synchronisation with student databases. 

Our support team is experienced and knowledgeable.  


United Kingdom


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  • Online Payment Services
    WisePay provides market leading online payment services for Schools, MATs, Local Authorities and Caterers. WisePay is rich in functionality with easy reconciliation and powerful reporting. • All income collection. • Built in emailing, texting and alerts. • Multiple payment options. • One click login. • Single Sign-On. • Integrated Meal Management, Shops, Form Management, Parent Evening Bookings, Club Management and more.
  • Expense Management
    WisePay's Fund Management Service manages all supplier expenses associated with a School Fund Bank Account. Fully automated with WisePay's Online Payment Services, our Expense Management Service allows schools to easily reconcile cost centres for trips and similar activities. All online payment are automatically entered so schools can quickly see the real time balance of each cost centre.
  • Communications Hub
    WisePay's Communications Hub Service for email, text and App Alerts, is fully integrated with other WisePay Services. The Service can be used for whole school communications, not just for payment and debt alerts. Automatically synchronised with student databases, schools can target both selected groups and individuals with both general and personalised messages. Parents can see all texts, emails and Alerts, historically ordered in one place.
  • Sports and Event Bookings
    WisePay's Smart-Booker Service enables schools and colleges to manage room, facilities, equipment and hospitality bookings for both internal staff and fee-paying customers. • Providing an easy to use interface, comprehensive reports and detailed booking calendars, Smart-Booker gives schools and colleges a quick and easy way to manage all bookings, payments and communications. Payments can be made online or through Smart-Bookers invoice functionality.
  • Event-Wise
    WisePay can manage both numbered seating and non-numbered ticket payments. Our Event-Wise Services allows users to interactive with the auditorium to book and pay for their seats. Schools are able to have multiple auditorium options depending on each event and production. Seats can be added and removed and sold at difference pricing points. Additionally, hospitality, programmes and merchandise can be added to seats and sold as a ‘bundled’ option to the user.
  • Form Manager
  • Clubs and Activity Bookings
  • Parent Evening Bookings
    WisePay's Parent Evening Booking Service is fully integrated and available from WisePay's App. The Service can be accessed through single sign-on together with all other WisePay Services. Schools can quickly make teacher appointment slots available and parents can view and make bookings at their leisure. Available also with WisePay's Communication Hub Service, it is quick and easy for schools to send emails, texts and alerts to specific parent groups should a booking need to be changed or cancelled.
  • Single Sign On
  • MAT Package
    WisePay recognises that MATs have to manage different types of schools. Therefore, WisePay can tailor our portfolio of Services specifically to each MAT’s individual needs. Payments can be made either directly to a Trust Bank Account, to the individual school bank account or a combination of both if that is appropriate. Our Central Wisdom Service provides a centralised view and easy reconciliation on all payments across the Trust.
  • Flex-i Transactions
  • Registration-Fee Management
  • Central Wisdom
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