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Stand: SB18
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Wall Art creates bespoke stimulating learning environments as unique as your school. Engage and enthuse pupils, promote your values and vision, impress visitors, inspire learning and enhance well-being. Our expert designers and skilled installation team will support you from start to finish to bring your school's walls to life.


14 Rosebery Avenue
United Kingdom



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  • Corridor Wraps

    03 Dec 2019

    Breathe new life into your school’s corridors with high quality, colour rich Corridor Wraps

  • Subject Zones

    03 Dec 2019

    Celebrate your diverse school curriculum with dedicated Subject Zones

  • Sports Hall Wraps

    03 Dec 2019

    Create an atmosphere of excellence, energy and excitement with Sports Hall Wraps 

  • Stairwell Makeovers

    03 Dec 2019

    Give your school’s stairwells a much needed boost with Stairwell Makeovers

  • Welcome Walls

    03 Dec 2019

    Create a positive and memorable first impression of your School with Welcome Walls

  • Canteen Revamps

    03 Dec 2019

    Encourage healthy habits and make the most of mealtimes with Canteen Revamps

  • Values Boards

    03 Dec 2019

    Share your vision, motto and guiding principles for pupils with Values Boards

  • External Facelift

    03 Dec 2019

    Give your school’s exterior walls a modern makeover with an External Facelift

  • Timelines

    03 Dec 2019

    Turn your hallways into a rich narrative of history, subjects or themes with Timelines

  • Maps

    05 Dec 2019

    Create a world of discovery and expand your students’ horizons with Maps

  • Classroom Features

    10 Dec 2019

    Allow students to immerse themselves in your diverse curriculum

  • Wall Art Corridor

    03 Dec 2019 Promote Your School

    In this Stop Motion video from Promote Your School, you can see our experienced Wall Art Installation team in action!

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