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Currently certificates and credentials can be forged and tampered with. VDX’s vision is to disrupt & irrevocably transform the creation and verification of all credentials eliminating the risk of fake credentials being created.

Our solution enables organisations to issue credentials over the blockchain that can be verified and shared globally.


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  • Blockchain in Education

    17 Dec 2019 VDX team
  • Atunse Innovations & Coworking Space has partnered with Vizidox Solutions Limited to run a pilot program using VDX blockchain-powered portal for validating and recording skills development training

  • Currently, academic credentials can be forged, and existing digital verification processes can be tampered with. This is a global problem. As a normal practice, to check the authenticity of a document, people have to contact the issuing institution directly. This can be both costly and time consuming. Our solution disrupts and transforms the creation, as well as the verification of all credentials. We eliminate the risk of fake qualifications being exploited for illicit means.

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