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VEX Robotics is the leading platform for educational robotics. The plastic VEX IQ for KS2&3 & the metal VEX EDR for KS 3-5 are perfectly placed to allow students to develop in an engaging way. The platform had free programming software, free curriculum & the extra-curricular VEX Robotics Competition 


Innovation First
6 Melford Court
Hardwick Grange, Woolston
United Kingdom


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  • VEX Robotics Training Academy

    For those using the VEX Robotics platform, our aim is to enable and support educators in delivering lessons, workshops and extracurricular activities with complete confidence to students. To help facilitate the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) required, we have recently launched the VEX Robotics Training Academy, a brand new centre designed specifically to equip educators with the knowledge and skills they need when using the VEX Robotics platform.

  • VEX now offers free, online training that helps educators at all different ability levels. Experience fun and engaging lessons while supporting students as they become proficient with the VEX Robotics system.

  • VEX Robotics created STEM Labs as a supplemental educational resource. The purpose was to support educators with free, easy to follow STEM lesson plans that align with educational standards. Each STEM Lab contains hands-on lessons with guided explorations that encourage teamwork and collaboration.

    STEM Labs is available for VEX IQ & VEX EDR

  • VEXcode Text for EDR

    11 Dec 2019

    Code like a pro.

    VEXcode Text provides them with authentic programming experience as students become more experienced programmers. Students will use the same tools and programming languages that professionals use every day. Students will develop their coding skills, acquire workforce readiness, and develop their identity as a programmer. VEXcode allows your VEX robot to become an engine of invention, only limited by our creativity and imagination.

  • VEXcode Blocks for IQ

    11 Dec 2019

    VEXcode Blocks is the perfect platform for those new to coding. Students use the simple drag and drop interface to create functioning programs. Each block's purpose can easily be identified using the visual cues like its shape, colour, and label. We’ve designed VEXcode Blocks to allow those who are new to robotics to get their robot up and running faster. Students can focus on being creative and learning computer science concepts, not stuck trying to figure out the interface.

  • V5 Vision Sensor

    11 Dec 2019

    Give your driver the chance to see things from the robot's perspective. The Vision Sensor is capable of detecting up to 7 colors at once, including multi-colored objects. Connect a phone or tablet to the V5 Robot Brain through built-in WiFi to stream a live feed of your robot's view to your device.


  • VEX IQ Super Kit

    11 Dec 2019

    The Super Kit takes educational robotics to the next level. Students can use the familiar handheld Controller with the pre-programmed code to drive robots right out of the box, or program them to run autonomously using the additional Smart Sensors. While the included Clawbot IQ instructions help students easily build their first robot, the wide variety of additional included parts means that a team of students can build a robot that is bigger, stronger, and more functional

  • The perfect all-in-one kit for any new VEX Robotics Competition team or an existing team looking to supercharge their robot. This kit contains everything needed to get up and running with the V5 Control System, along with a variety of aluminum structural parts to build lighter and faster mechanisms, and the Vision Sensor to see the competition from a whole new perspective.

    Compete with over 11,000 worldwide VEX Robotics Competition teams!

  • The V5 Classroom Super Kit engages students by bringing Maths, Engineering, and Computer Science classes to life. Through hands-on building and programming, students can explore these subjects while moving at their own pace through our STEM Labs, or the hardware can be easily integrated into existing curriculum.

  • Take educational robotics to the next level by competing in the VEX Robotics Competition. The only limit to this open-ended building system is your own imagination! The V5 Competition Starter Kit includes a complete V5 control system, aluminum structural elements, and high strength parts so that a team of students can build a bigger, stronger, and faster robot.

    Compete with over 11,000 worldwide VEX Robotics Competition teams!

  • Perfect for any STEM or Computer Science class, students can build and program with this engaging hands-on teaching tool. This robotics kit can be re-purposed to teach a variety of lessons ranging from mechanical advantage to computer programming and iterative design. Integrate this solution into your existing curriculum, or pair it seamlessly with our standards-aligned STEM Labs.


  • VEX Robotics in the Classroom

    13 Dec 2019 VEX Robotics

    VEX Robotics can be used to deliver exciting and engaging lessons in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) subjects.

  • All the highlights from the VEX IQ Challenge - VEX UK National Finals 2019

  • All the highlights from the VEX Robotics Competition - VEX UK National Finals 2019! 

  • VEX Robotics are proud to introduce their latest coding software to educators at BETT 2020!

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