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Tacteasy ,as one of the biggest Developer & Manufacturer of educational equipment, has grown into a leading education solutions provider, achievement among teachers and students alike.

Our products include Interconnected blackboard, interactive touchscreen display, Interactive Whiteboard, Multi Touch Frame, Digital Visualizer, Projector, Advertising LCD Display,Smart Meeting Panel,etc.


201, F2, Building A, Qiaoan technology Industry Zone, Longhua district



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  • 1.Retain teacher's traditional writing habit. Synchronous display,restore handwriting content,

    2.Synchronous class recording ,saving and uploading to cloud

    3.Easy & convenient courses download.

    The content on the interconnected board can be saved as documents together with the operated content on interactive flat panel in real time, the teachers and students can quickly download&check after class.

  • Windows, Android dual system integrated design, deep integration, data sharing
    Dual system can independently realize whiteboard writing and multi-format multimedia courseware playback, double guarantee
    Increased response speed, writing and flowing, fast and smooth
    Ten-touch, teachers and students are integrated into classroom teaching

    1. High quality PCB and electronic components, IWB can support Water-proof and dust-proof.
    2. Stability with high precision on harsh working environment.
    3. No need driver on large size board. Plug in and it is touchable.
    4. Low power consumption. Large size board power only need 200ma.
    5. 10 points touch, 10 students fluent writing with 10 different colors at the same time.
    6. Functional software. Easy to operate. Updated from time to time.
    7. Quality guarantee. 3 years warranty. Easy to maintenance. 
  • 1. Support split screen display, attract more attentions.

    2. Excellent image quality with resolution 1920*1080

    3. True multi-touch performance with 10 touch point available

    4. Support remotely multi-user Publishing .

    5. Integrated PC slot , Network:Lan,wifi,3G options.

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