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ProfileTree and LearningMole produce highly educational animated content for schools, teachers, parents and children. Videos are based on the UK curriculum but we can also create bespoke courses and topics. Our video are designed to challenge, engage and support learning.


The Innovation Centre
BT12 7DG
United Kingdom


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  • A maths video for kids which will support class teaching, homeschooling and learning at home. This video teaches children to think aboit the different mathematical methods they can use to solve proble ...
  • Aaron and James take you on an adventure int the animal planet. Explore the world of fish, their special characteristics and interesting facts. Part of a 10 video series on the animal planet.
  • Explore the wonder of the human brain with LearningMole. Follow Finn, Undine and Grandfather's journey int the brain. Find out how the brain works, intersting facts and learn about the different jobs ...
  • Planet Venus - Our Solar System

    05 Dec 2019 LearningMole
    This video invites children to explore the planet Venus. This video for primary school children is related to the UK curriculum and is linked to the topic of Space.
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