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Proctorio’s live and fully automated, remote invigilation service provides a scalable, cost-effective solution for protecting academic integrity by validating student identities, originality and content security during online exams. Proctorio’s customizable exam settings allow instructors to set-up unscheduled, on-demand exam invigilation specific to their assessment needs.


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  • Secure from end to end

    With Proctorio’s Learning Integrity Platform, instructors are free to create the most secure & flexible environment for every type of exam, test, or quiz. Our customizable lock down and security tools prevent content from being captured during a test—even with mobile devices. WebSweep scans questions from assessments and flags them if they can be found online.

  • Better than Humanly Possible

    Proctorio uses advanced machine learning and facial detection technology to deliver accurate, reliable exam proctoring that outperforms human proctors. Proctorio ensures a higher level of learning integrity by removing bias and human error.

    Because Proctorio is limitlessly scalable and always available without appointment, institutions of any size can use it for every exam, test or quiz, at a much lower cost than traditional remote proctoring.

  • Confirm Their True Identity

    Identity verification is serious business. It not only determines the accuracy and integrity of class credit, but also validates financial aid allocations and prevents fraud and abuse. Proctorio uses machine learning and facial detection technology to verify that the test taker registered for the course is actually completing the work.

    Proctorio's ID Verification System gives credit where credit is due and stops financial aid misappropriation dead in its tracks.

  • Plagiarism Detection

    Our advanced plagiarism detection software ensures academic integrity for every written assignment. By implementing our software into their plagiarism detection processes, the most innovative and prestigious academic institutions are able to successfully develop cultures of integrity and in turn, improve the learning outcomes of their students as well as to protect the value of the online degrees they issue.

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