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23 - 26 January 2019
ExCel London

Parotec Solutions Ltd

Stand: B141
  • Great British Trail
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  • AR/ VR
  • Mobility Solutions
  • Protective Cases
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  • Digital Podiums
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Parotec Solutions Ltd

Parotec-IT is the IT division of Parotec Solutions Ltd, specialising in device management solutions and protection. We are based in Greater Manchester, from where we deliver to clients throughout the UK, Europe, and around the World.




United Kingdom


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  • RedBox VR
    Parotec again welcome back one of our key partners RedBox VR whom will be showcasing some excellent VR solutions.. Why not come and experience the power of Virtual Reality and a closer look at Augmented Reality.

    With Google Expeditions kits by RedboxVR, teachers can take students on over 850 expeditions, thats close to double from the launch at BETT 2017.

    Google have worked with partners TES and TWIG to design lesson plans linked to the UK curriculum.

    Combined with the RedboxVR headsets you can be in some of the most amazing museums in the world, explore deep beneath the waves and see the hidden wonders lurking in the oceans or how about leaving Earth completely and journey to outer space?
  • Desktop Charge/Sync Range
    We have a wide variety of Desktop Units available to suit all needs.

    Fitted with an intelligent PCB boards, the charger recognises the connected devices and ensures that they receive the correct voltage at the optimum rate for each device, charging them in the quickest time according to the manufacturer's specification. Just like individually plugging each one into a wall socket.

    The sync option is a perfect solution for those who need to manage their devices with apps and other content such as music, movies, TV shows, photos and more. By using iTunes with a connected iOS device, the content on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch matches the content in your iTunes Library on your computer.
  • Parotec Wall & Locker Cabinets
    WL5 & WL10 are two new lines from Parotec offering charge only from the WL5, 5 x iOS iPads or WL10, 10x iOS iPod Touch / iPhones. Fully lockable units. Parotec Lockers offer Storage of 10 x bay with 2 x USB ports and Wall Socket within each bay. Lockable bays via code input.
  • iNsync Charge Only / Charge "N" Sync Cases
    The iNsync range is a variety of different sized universal, charging and storage case units.

    With some models offering space for up to 32 devices these cases are great for the storage and the transportation of multiple devices safely and securely.

    The Explorer case in which the unit is built in is made of high quality, durable plastic; it is also shockproof giving absolute maximum protection to your devices. Many of the units have self-oiling wheels and an extendable handle to facilitate moving from location to location with ease. 
  • iNdota Charge Only Range
    The iNdota carts allow you to safely store, transport and charge 16 - 40 devices such as tablets, laptops, Chromebooks and many other devices. The rear of the cart features plug sockets for you to plug in your own AC power supplies, depending on what devices you need to charge

    All devices are safely stored and charged vertically within the cart; each device being stored in its own designated space Every iNdota cart has a locking service access door at the rear of the cart designed for your ICT technician’s use, preventing both unnecessary access by students, and theft of the devices stored inside

    The iNdota carts offer an efficient, affordable solution whilst maintaining the highest level of build quality and device security. Made of strong but lightweight steel Supplied with 3 Year Return to Base Warranty Dual slide-out shelves for easy access to the devic SMART Timer for efficient charging Supplied with 3 Year Return to Base Warranty
  • iNdota Charge and Sync Range
    The iNdota Charge and Sync cart range allows you to safely store, transport, charge and sync 24 - 36 devices such as iPads, Tablets, Laptops, Chromebooks and many other devices.

    Devices are charged using their own USB cables utilising the sync box in the rear of the cart, the wires lead into the front of the cart where the devices are kept. The iNdota Cart includes an efficient cable management system that eliminates the risk of cables becoming tangled with one another.

    The iNdtoa Plus range are ‘Charge and Sync’ carts, made possible thanks to the smart SyncBox in the rear of the unit ready for you to plug in your own USB cables for your chosen devices, giving you ultimate flexibility with what to use. With no programming required, the iNdota T1 Cart ensures safe and efficient charging for all devices saving time and money.

    Devices are charged using their own USB cables utilising the sync box in the rear of the trolley, the wires lead into the front of the cart where the devices are kept. The iNdota Carts include an efficient cable management system that eliminates the “octopus” effect. Individual slots for power adaptors with wide space between outlets to accommodate most plug adaptors keeps cables clean and organized.

  • Max Cases for iOS Apple Devices
    MAX Cases offer a range of high quality and dedicated protection across the iOS iPad Range. Max Cases can guarantee you quality across its range.
  • MAX Cases for Chromebook
    MAX Cases offer a range of either universal or dedicated protection to a wide range of Chromebook devices 11" - 14" display. Max Cases can guarantee you quality across its range.
  • MyFreedy Wireless Solutions
    Parotec introduce you to "MyFreedy" range of wireless charing solutions for mobile devices covering phones and tablet devices. We are also glad to introduce the new Charing Stand for iPhone & USB-C phone compatible devices.
    MINX Mini Media Computers offering either Android / Windows 10 Home and now Windows 10 Pro options. Great for acting as streaming devices within classrooms using mix operating systems solutions.
  • MINIX & USB-C Multiport Adaptor with HDMI
    MINIX bring us a new range of Multiport HDMI adaptors compatible with some of Apple's latest MacBooks and other compatible brands.
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