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ODTECH that is specialised in semiconductor and sensor business is located in Korea.

its vertically integrated system enables ODTECH to provide quality products. All necessary materials are provided by its own factories from both Korea and China that helps ODTECH to gain more competitive edge in domestic and global markets.


Korea, Republic of



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  • When seasons change, people tend to have runny, stuffy and itchy noses because some of them are allergic to pollen (referred as pollen allergy or hay fever) or due to house dust, dusty air or even mould. This can be a minor issue or mild symptom for some people. However, such causes can have a severe impact on quality of lives of other people.

  • Since the interest and awareness of using a variety of technological devices for educational purposes, ODTECH has also entered into the educational market where it can provide more unique and entertaining equipment for students, teachers and other educational-related groups.

  • [ODTECH] Rhinitis Devices

    07 Nov 2019 Roy Seo

    To make a link to the class with rhinitis device, some students have a bit of difficulties for focusing on studying in classes due to rhinitis symptoms. Medications and immunotherapy have been recommended but, unfortunately, they were not as effective as expected. Therefore, many medical device manufacturers have been looking to find and develop some alternative solutions and one of them is a rhinitis device that has been recently invented by some companies.

  • A number of equipment have been used for/in classes all over the world. However, students and teachers have experienced some difficulties of utilising the equipment due to high costs and limits of spaces.

    For that reason, this device has been developed in order to help and enable them to use of educational hardware more practically and efficiently, most importantly, as often as they want.

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