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23 - 26 January 2019
ExCel London


Stand: C130
  • Primary
  • Secondary
  • Further education
  • Classroom & Lecture Theatre Furniture
  • LCD Touch Screens
  • Mobile / Tablet Apps
  • Interactive Whiteboards
  • Student Management Systems
  • Not New

Helgi offers an extremely careful selection of reference brands and products. The constant dialogue with end users (teachers and technical personnel), the ability to interpret the demands of the education sector make us motivated to seek each day the best and most technologically advanced solutions for Education 3.0.


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  • JOS - Innovative, smart energy solutions for educational institutions serving whole classroom from a single source.
    We are committed to launch smart innovative technologies into education. From the disruptive research schemes, we provide innovative, smart energy solutions for educational institutions serving whole classroom from a single source. Our product systems stand for high quality, saving, maximum flexibility and promote pioneering didactics. JOS® is a smart energy solution, serving whole classrooms and more with a single power supply, freeing, detangling your space & saving energy.
  • Chimpa - MDM solution for students’ devices management
    One of the deepest needs of the schools that have embraced new technologies related to the use of mobile devices is definitely the chance to have the total control over the students’ tablets... but until yesterday there was no easy way to do such a thing - unless you wanted to put a lock on devices and to accept a lot of compromises. You did get it right: until yesterday! Ligra gives you the ultimate solution - 100% compatible with iWB applications and collaborative learning systems - based on MDM, working at the same time on iOS and Android devices, able to put in the hands of teachers a powerful and easy to use tool meant to manage, monitor and interact with the students’ tablets.
  • Helgi Interactive Flat Panels P series
    Helgi Interactive Flat Panels, available in three sizes, 65” 75” and 86”, all with a 16:9 ratio. 20 simultaneous inputs of the fingers (even with gloves) or any solid object, Dual Core built-in processor, 2Gb RAM, 16Gb HD and Android 5.1, a wide selection of education softwares (whiteboard annotation and lesson creation, lessons recording and editing, mobile device interaction and sharing). Techical features: LED backlight technology, antiglare tempered glass with a 4mm thickness Mohs 7, Ultra HD 4K resolution (3840x2160px), brightness 330cd/m2, a wide range of I/O ports (1x HDMI Out, 1x HDMI 2.0 In, 2x HDMI 1.4 In, 4x USB 2.0, 2x USB 3.0).
  • Helgi Interactive Flat Panels V series
    The Helgi Interactive Flat Panels V series allow you to interact with the touch of your fingers or any solid object with the PC that is connected to it via USB without the need to install any driver. The multi touch multi gesture features are fully supported thanks to a simultaneous input of 10 touches. The large assortment of analog and digital I / O connections on both the front panel and in the rear allows you to connect to PC monitor Touch Display, USB keys, media player etc., ensuring maximum operational convenience and high compatibility with most varied technologies. Available with FullHD 1080p / UHD 4K resolution and OPS standard slot.
  • Universal supports for interactive flat panels
    Wide range of trolleys and wall supports for interactive flat panels, available with manual or motorized movement, suitable for monitors from 32" up to 95" and from 80Kg to 160Kg, adjustable and provided with 90° tilting system to transform the display in an interactive table.
  • Modular mobile science LAB with microscope and photometer
    We-Lab is a modular and portable science laboratory. Its heart is a Raspberry-Pi based unit managing two operational modules, a photometer and a microscope.
  • Storage and recharge cart Omnichart36
    Recharging cart for 36 devices (notebooks, tablets etc.) with monitor up 15.6”. All-metal construction with natural circulation of air which does not require the presence of fans. Front compartment for housing the devices equipped with a safety lock and retractable double-doors in the unit body. Three fixed shelves with 12 plastic partitions with integrated cable guide for housing the devices in a vertical position and holes for the passage of the power cable in the rear compartment. Rear compartment for the power supplies housing, not accessible from the front compartment and equipped with a safety lock and double door. Four strips with 9 sockets and each compartment for transformers. Control unit for power setting - simultaneously on all the outlets or in timed sequence to avoid overloading. Upper compartment with security lock and opening / closing system with servo-assisted gas double piston and hole for the passage of the power cable to the rear of the compartment. Four wheels and double plastic handle for movement. One power cord 5m
  • Modular furniture Desks & Chairs 3.0 CLASSROOM
    A new approach to teaching - such as Flipped Classroom - requires a change in the classroom layout. At the same time, the safety of both students and teachers must be a priority. To meet this needs we have developed a complete modular solution for desks, ergonomic chairs and central hexagonal modules for circular workstations. The 3.0 CLASSROOM furnishings adapt to the different needs of today’s didactics: from individual desks to multiple configurations - island, horseshoe or linear - capable of accommodating groups of 2, 4, 6 or more students: the perfect solution for collaborative activities! The 3.0 Classroom furnishings are available in different heights and respond to both the EC Directive on safety and the requirements established by italian Legislative Decree N. 81/2008.
  • Pre-amplified AUDIO SPEAKERS
    Audio system with sleek design features a full sound and bright, composed of two satellites with wooden housings with 28W, 30W or 40W RMS output power per channel with a total power of 56W, 40W or 60W RMS. The integrated power supply makes it particularly compact and safe installation. Ideal for use with interactive whiteboard, has controls for bass, treble, and effect levels for 3D immersive sound performance.
  • P-CASE Safety box for laptop PC
    Securing your investments is a priority for anyone, especially when it comes to easily removable or detrimental assets. To meet this need, Ligra has built the P-CASE line, a series of wall, floor or chair “safety boxes” in which the classy notebook, mouse, keyboard, graphics tablet, and Cables can be safely housed after the lesson. The robust steel structure and the presence of locks with safety locks (on some certified TÜV models) make P-CASE solutions a particularly secure security guarantee. Positioned on the wall beside the Multimedia Interactive Blackboard, positioned below the chair or on its surface, the various versions of the P-CASE keep and make available at any time the basic tools of any multimedia lesson.
  • TouchBoard Interactive Whiteboard
    TouchBoard Powered by MimioStudio is an infrared IWB designed for six contemporary touches, with an area of work in steel and supplied with the author software MimioStudio. TouchBoard powered by MimioStudio is available in two different sizes: 80 “ in 4:3 format and the extraordinary wide 88” in 16:10 format – more space for the teacher’s work and more visibility for students. TouchBoard powered by MimioStudio supports multi-touch and multi-gesture inputs (zoom in, zoom out, etc..) both with the flick of a finger as well as using any type of passive pointer.
  • LuxiBoard Interactive Whiteboard
    Interactive Multimedia Board with infrared matrix technology, 10 simultaneous inputs of the finger or any solid object, steel magnetic surface, 15 quick keys to access the main features of the Teach Infinity authoring software, available in two models with active diagonal area of 80" @ 4:3 or 88" @ 16:10. Teach Infinity Pro Software included.
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