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HELGI means innovative solutions for Education. From interactive flat panels with carts and stands - to modular furnishing, innovative recharging solutions for mobile devices, MDM software for tablet control & management and a wide range of accessories, HELGI is your best classmate.  


HLG International S.r.l.
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  • Chimpa MDM

    22 Jan 2020

    MDM solution for iOS and Android tablet management.

  • 3.0 Class Furniture

    22 Jan 2020

    Multi-size trapezoidal desk

  • Spicchio Flip

    22 Jan 2020

    Modular Folding Table. Flip folding table with recessed wheels, H 76 cm.

  • Omnichart36

    22 Jan 2020

    Storage and Recharge Cart.

  • C - Series

    22 Jan 2020

    Zero-Gap Interactive Flat Panels

  • V - Series

    22 Jan 2020

    Intaractive Flat Panels

  • Manual, motorized, wall mounted or mobile cart.

  • IFP Plasted Board

    22 Jan 2020


  • Mini PC compatible only with interactive monitors of the HELGI P Series.

  • Mini PC S044G Series

    22 Jan 2020

    Mini PC with standard OPS slot for interactive monitors.
    7th generation Intel® Kaby Lake Processor with integrated Intel® HD 620 graphic.

  • Chimpa MDM - BETT 2020

    22 Jan 2020 Chimpa Education
  • HELGI - BETT 2020

    22 Jan 2020 HELGI Europe
  • HELGI Carts & Stand for IFPs and LFDs - Manual, motorized, wall mounted or mobile cart

  • HELGI brings interactivity to the BETT show with the new series of interactive flat panels C and V ultra HD 4K series.

  • MDM - Ready on IFP

    22 Jan 2020 HELGI Europe

    With Chimpa MDM (Mobile Device Management) solution it is possible to have all the tools needed to manage all the mobile devices used within the organization.

  • An MDM solution for the school manager & IT admin, teachers and parents

  • CHIMPA is the only MDM built around the school and family needs

  • Chimpa MDM brochure 2020

    22 Jan 2020 HELGI Europe

    Chimpa is a Mobile Device Management solution. Wherever there are devices with a mobile operating system, Chimpa becomes an indispensable work partner to manage your Organization in a uniform, safe and organized way.

  • Chimpa Education MDM brochure 2020

    22 Jan 2020 HELGI Europe

    Chimpa Mobile Device Management is the only MDM built around the school and family needs.

  • HELGI Education brochure 2020

    22 Jan 2020 HELGI Europe
    • MODULAR FURNITURE. Modular solutions for a classroom on the move
    • STORAGE & RECHARGE for tablets and laptops. Omnichart36 - laptop and tablet storing & recharging cart
    • INTERACTIVE FLAT PANELS. 20-touch displays, 4K/Ultra HD resolution, Android OS
    • ACCESSORIES for Interactive Flat Panels. Carts and stands for LFDs Windows Mini PCs for IFPs
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