23 - 26 January 2019
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Anomaly Interactive Ltd

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Anomaly Interactive Ltd

Anomaly Interactive are committed to being outstanding in their delivery of digital media services and active tech solutions for schools. Helping schools to engage pupils in their own health and wellbeing through innovation .


United Kingdom


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  • Anomaly Interactive Screens
    Our unique Anomaly Screens offer schools a creative platform to display messages, celebrate pupil achievement and improve parent communication. Anomaly content management system is quick and simple. User-friendly interface for uploading content and instant ticker tape message for announcements. Access to hundreds of videos in our cloud based library which can be displayed on the screens or downloaded to use in the classroom. We cover subjects such as healthly lifestyles, mental health, bullying, exercise and curriculum. Working in partnership with BullyingUK, Safer Internet Day, The National Autistic Society and many more. Available in a range of sizes, sun readable and waterproof.
  • Activall
    Activall provides a fun full body and mind workout, challenging users’ balance, reach, reactivity and mental agility. This innovative technology engages pupils of all ages and abilities and is proven to increase strength, coordination and overall fitness. Activall provides a unique method of active play that motivates children to exercise. Activall improves children’s coordination and balance which is proven to dramatically increase their concentration and learning skills in the classroom. Progression can be measured by recording scores. Activall is suitable for those with educational, hearing and sensory impairments and those with physical disabilities. The programmes can be tailored towards each individual depending on their ability. They are available in various sizes and can be wall mounted or fitted on portable stands. Activall can easily integrate with existing PE equipment as part of a relay race or circuit.
  • Quizical
    Quizical is a brand new way of getting school children active! Using our unique technology and wonderful animation, we bring the curriculum to life with fun & interactive quizzes that not only spark children’s imagination but also increase their daily activity. Professor Pedagogy has made a most curious contraption! Using his machine, children will be introduced to a character from the exhaustive list of contributors, who will teach a specific subject or theme whilst encouraging children to run, jump or march to the answer.
  • Class Act
    Class Act is a new initiative that enables pupils from primary age to create studio quality videos. We will provide you with everything you need to be able to shoot and edit your own videos using a ‘virtual studio’. The portable Class Act kit includes all relevant equipment and software including ongoing customer support and training if you should ever need it. Using film in education is not just limited to subjects such as drama or media studies but can be used to enrich all areas of the curriculum including history, literature, and sciences. The equipment can be used to engage pupils who usually struggle with their concentration in class.
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