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Stand: NG50
  • Assessment Feedback
  • Classroom Resources
  • Hardware
  • Learning and Teaching Technology

BETT 2019 AND 2020 WINNER!

LbQ is a classroom app filled with 1,800+ curriculum-aligned Question Sets and 80,000 questions with immediate pupil feedback to super-charge learning by 3-4 months over a school year and save teachers 4 hours per week.

Covering KS2,3 & 4 maths, English and sciences.


United Kingdom



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  • Using Learning by Questions for Remote Learning

    23 Jan 2021 Learning by Questions
    Carry on your teaching as if you were still in the classroom with LbQ. Our questions provide instant, targeted feedback to pupils, and teachers can see how their class is progressing in real time.
  • Meet the DfE Remote Learning Expectations with LbQ!

    23 Jan 2021 Learning by Questions
    Learning by Questions is here to make sure that you are well-equipped to meet all of the DfE expectations.
  • LbQ is a classroom App that offers immediate pupil feedback and differentiated content to supercharge learning.  
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