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KUBO is a multi-award winning resource that makes it easy to introduce technology to children as young as four. Its puzzle-like TagTiles® and cute robot offer the perfect starting point for teaching coding and computational thinking. KUBO is entirely screen-free, and will takes you from simple to advanced levels. 



Neils Bohrs Alle 185



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  • This KUBO Coding Starter Set is the ideal starting point for introducing coding and computational thinking to students from four years.  Teach functions, subroutines and loops in simple, logical steps. KUBO comes with comprehensive lesson plans and teacher guides to make it easy for teachers to deliver cross-curricular challenges in a hands-on, playful way.

  • The KUBO Coding solution gives you everything you need to take your students from simple to advanced coding and computational thinking -and it is all screen-free. 

    The complete solution for students from four to 10+, includes a starter set and two extension packs that deliver your most important computer science curriculum requirements in a playful, cross-curricular way. 

  • Boost your students’ skills with this super assortment of 36 additional TagTiles ® to use with your KUBO Coding sets. These tiles allow control of time, speed, distance and direction. There are KUBO Coding+ lesson plans and teacher guides, to guide you and your students all the way.

  • The new KUBO Coding++ TagTile Set completes the series of TagTiles needed to introduce all primary concepts of coding, in a unique hands-on, screen-free way. This puzzle like set makes it easier for students to work with complex algorithms and develop abstract thinking. The set includes 44 TagTiles addressing concepts of variables, conditions (if/else) and events. This comes with lesson plans, a project pack and teacher guides.

  • Check out the full 2020 KUBO assortment. KUBO comes with comprehensive lesson plans, teacher guides and a creative online map maker where educators can design their own challenges. Discover the benefits of a cross-curricular and playful approach to learning with KUBO! 

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