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22 - 25 January 2020
ExCel London

Groupcall Limited

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Groupcall Limited

Focused on improving outcomes for every child, Groupcall develops software that ensures effective information management, improved parental engagement and greater efficiencies for schools. Alongside our Bett Award nominated Analytics software, we’ll also be unveiling GDPR compliance services and a partnership with Wisepay to showcase the most effective cashless payment solution.


Commerce House, 1 Raven Road
E18 1HB
United Kingdom


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  • Groupcall Analytics
    Groupcall Analytics is a data aggregation and intelligence solution for multi-academy trusts designed to inform data-driven decision making for trust-wide improvement. Analytics supports organisations in tracking key data including progress, attainment, behaviour and attendance allowing them to spot trends and identify issues not previously visible from the raw data alone. Standardising the presentation of the most up to date, real-time data in a simple, easily comparable way, Analytics allows teachers and schools leaders to make quick comparisons between a wide range of data sets so they can spend less time working out where problems are, and more time solving them. Tailored with you during the set-up process to suit your MATs’ specific requirements, Groupcall Analytics is a powerful support to help you solve real-world issues, identifying early intervention flags for safeguarding and exploitation threats for pupil within your academies.
  • GDPR E-learning
    Groupcall’s GDPR e-learning platform provides access to three training modules, designed for all school employees. From site managers, caterers or administrative staff, right through to the IT team, senior managers and even your Data Protection Officer, we offer courses to suit all levels of data protection. Each module comprises engaging, bite-sized learning chunks, and tests to check learning and an assessment at the end. All assessments are fully CPD certified, with certification given on the successful completion of each course. • Foundation course: this beginner course covers the fundamentals of the GDPR and provides general awareness for all members of school staff. • Intermediate course: our intermediate GDPR course builds on the fundamentals learned within the foundation course, and is primarily aimed at teaching staff and senior management. • Professional course: the professional course is our final and most advanced GDPR e-learning module, which is best suited for school data leads and data protection officers.
  • GDPR Audits
    Groupcall’s GDPR Audit service has been designed to help your organisation in identifying the areas where you are performing well against GDPR compliance – as well as those areas which require attention. The audit is comprised of several components including a 2 day on-site visit from one of our GDPR trained practitioners who will meet with key staff and discuss any concerns that have been identified in relation to data protection. This will be complemented by independent observation and appraisal of how personal data is being processed, testing the adequacy of the policies and procedures in place. Following the audit, the school or trust will receive a comprehensive report, including prioritised recommendations, which will help you identify and control all risks to effectively minimise data breaches. In addition, this service will help raise awareness of data protection best practice throughout the organisation and help give recognition to your organisation’s commitment to data protection and individuals’ rights.
  • GDPR in School
    GDPR in Schools (GDPRiS) is the complete, cost-effective GDPR management platform supporting schools, MATs and local authorities to help ensure their ongoing GDPR compliance. It provides you with a hub to co-ordinate your data management, ensuring that everyone has complete accountability, your data flow is visible and you have a clear audit trail to prove your compliance. This includes the ability to manage your 3rd party data suppliers all in one place, streamline your SARs and data breach reporting, store policy documents, training records and materials, alongside access to practical guidance on GDPR compliance.
  • Parental Engagement
    In order to help schools and MATs boost their parental communication, Groupcall provides the complete suite of solutions, specifically designed to help your school or MAT to get parents involved in all their child’s schooling. You will be able to send personalised text messages, emails, voice calls, push messages and tweets to parents, staff and key contacts, and enable recipients to respond directly to the school, with a complete audit trail of communications. Proven to increase attendance and cut unauthorised absences by flagging when children aren’t present so you can take immediate action, our solutions also offer immediate support to dramatically reduce administrative tasks, saving time and cutting phone and papers costs. Additional modules can also be added to help you organise parents’ evenings, collect payments from parents and create and manage electronic forms and surveys.
  • Attendance & Behaviour
    Our powerful platforms facilitate the core functions needed by teachers in the classroom such as attendance taking, behaviour recording and assessment marking – enabling schools to have access to their MIS data instantly and securely anytime, anywhere – even from home. Saving time to take registration, record assessment and behaviour, our solutions will help your teachers to have more time to dedicate to more important things - supporting your schools in the difficult challenge of reducing teacher workload. Not less important, having access to instant information allow you to timely intervene where necessary and keep your parents always up-to-date with the most relevant information.
  • Groupcall Xporter
    Over 20,000 schools across the UK use Groupcall Xporter to securely synchronise third party software providers such as parental engagement or homework programmes directly with their MIS data. Xporter reduces the burden on your school’s administration, makes third-party applications quicker to implement and improves data accuracy. Using the latest cloud technologies, Xporter On Demand (XoD) provides a secure interface to your MIS for our trusted partners to access – once you provide them explicit permission to do so. It supports all major UK school MIS providers and it is already compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation.
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