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Experience What The Science Classroom Can Be!

Globisens Labdisc STEM solution is an easy-to-use, hand-held, science laboratory. The only solution for K-12 school with up to 15 wireless sensors built-in a compact datalogger. Used by over 1M students, in 30 countries, winning 7 GOLD medals.


P.O. 6314
Hod Hasharon


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  • Coming soon! Globisens CODISC. Come visit us for more info.
  • GlobiLab  - a multi platform analysis software is packed with all modules allowing fun and comprehansive science analysis. This includes variety of displays - including: Line graphs, bar graphs, table ...
  • This Labdisc bundle is an esthetic add on to any 21st century school classroom or laboratory. Including 8 Labdisc in a compact charging station. No more messy Lab environment and no more shortage of c ...
  • The Labdisc, an all-in-one multi-disciplinary laboratory, opens the door for experimenting in: Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Environmental science and Geography. A single Labdisc replaces more than 20 ...
  • Primary school kids launcg the Labdisc on a weather baloon to 100,000 feets to measure all environmetal condition in near space. Super cool!
  • Get a quick introduction of the Labdisc.
  • A classic experiment in Physics - measuring earth gravitation with a ping pong ball. Cool and impressive.
  • Check out the Labdisc charging station for an 8 Labdisc class bundle.
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