23 - 26 January 2019
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DesignSoft develops and markets engineering & educational software and T&M instruments in more than 200 countries & 25 languages.
TINA Design Suite and TINACloud: Circuit simulation and PCB design, online & offline.  
LabXplorer: High Speed Multifunction instrument with hundreds of experiments on electronics to simulate and measure. EDISON and NEWTON: 3D Multimedia Labs for Electronics, Physics and Technology

Please also visit our SCHEDULED PRESENTATIONS  at stand C184.
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  • TINA   - The Complete Electronics Lab
    Analog, digital, symbolic, RF and mixed mode circuit simulation & design, virtual and real-time measurements, integrated PCB design. Enhanced with super-fast multi-core engine, mixed HDL, microcontroller (MCU), SMPS and Spice simulation, Flowchart Programming, Live 3D Breadboard, S-parameter models, Stress Analysis, and much more.
  • TINACloud  -  Web-Based Circuit Design & Analysis
    TINACloud is the cloud based multi-language online version of the popular TINA circuit simulation software now running in your browser without any installation and anywhere in the world.
  • LabXplorer - Multifunction Instrument for Education and Training with Local and Remote Measurement capabilities
    LabXplorer turns your desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phone into a powerful, multifunction test and measurement instrument for a wide range of applications. Instruments, whatever you need, are at your fingertips. LabXplorer provides multimeter, oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer, logic analyzer, programmable analog and digital signal generator, impedance analyzer and also measures characteristics of passive electronic components and semiconductor devices.
  • EDISON - Multimedia Lab for Exploring Electronics
    A revolutionary new educational software that teaches the basics of electricity and electronics with digitally scanned photorealistic components, real-time OpenGL 3D graphics, and the corresponding circuit schematics simultaneously.
  • EDISON Cloud - Web-Based Multimedia Lab for Exploring Electricity & Electronics
    Cloud-based version of EDISON running in your browser anywhere in the world. EDISON Cloud version is a unique new learning environment for electricity and electronics. Teachers and students can use multimedia screens, virtual instruments, sound, and animation to create, test, and safely repair circuits. Lifelike 3D components will captivate the students as they build circuits and simultaneously see the corresponding circuit schematic. EDISON also comes with a lot of experiments and problems that teachers and students can use immediately. EDISON runs on most OSs and computers, including PCs, Macs, thin clients, tablets--even smart phones, smart TVs and many e-book readers. You can use EDISON in the classroom, at home and anywhere in the world that has Internet access, thus it is also an invaluable tool in distance education.
  • NEWTON - Multimedia Lab for Exploring Physics
    Newton provides a completely new way of teaching and learning physics by exploring kinematics and dynamics in 3D. Build, manipulate or investigate real-life 3D physics experiments interactively, solve problems, and more.Newton provides a completely new way of learning and teaching physics, the exploration of simple machines, mechanisms, kinematics, dynamics, thermodynamics, electricity and optics on a computer in 3D. Build, manipulate or investigate real-life 3D physics experiments interactively, solve problems, and more. A unique feature of Newton is that while it shows real world 3D physical experiments, it is still possible to compare and verify the results with classic formulas. This allows students to establish a clear connection between the real world and its mathematical models, and develops their model creating skills. Another novelty of Newton is the possibility of coupled modeling of mechanics electricity and optics.
  • ARCAD - Professional Architectural Design Program
    ARCAD is a powerful, easy to use program for every aspect of your architectural project. Draw and edit plans, create photorealistic images and movies. Quickly and effectively design stairs, roofs, roof frames, landscaping, and much more. Calculate budget and materials estimates. Other feature include a straightforward menu layout, logical structure and simple work surface design. Develop your own work style. Low minimum hardware requirements, yet supports top end hardware and the most up to date DirectX and OpenGL graphics systems. With ARCAD's intuitive design and powerful functionality you can make your ideas a reality from day one!
  • myHouse - 3D Home Design
    myHouse is a 3D Home Design software with walk-through and animation. See your dream house spring to life, then view it from any angle with myHouse. From floor plans to customizable 3D views myHouse is the most complete home design program on the market today.
  • 3D EyeWitness - Crime, Fire and Traffic Accident Scene Reconstruction Software
    3D EyeWitness is the most powerful PC-based 3D visualization software designed specifically for the law enforcement community. There is no need for any CAD training with this program since 3DEyeWitness utilizes the pick-and-place ease of the Windows environment. For crime scene recreation, traffic accident documentation, and pre-raid planning, 3DEyeWitness is ideal.
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