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As educators, we know that each student learns differently. Video is the perfect way to engage with any student, despite differences in learning styles and abilities. At ClickView, we give teachers the best opportunity to create a deeper understanding through video.


Fifth Floor
4 Bath Place
United Kingdom


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  • Turn passive viewing into active learning with ClickView Interactive Videos

  • 32 TV channels comes with your ClickView subscription.

  • Find current and relevant TV content on ClickView  

  • ClickView UK - Welcome Video Reel

    31 Oct 2019 ClickView

    From the series we create to programmes we source, ClickView finds, curates and produces the best educational videos.

  • ClickView for Secondary Schools

    31 Oct 2019 ClickView

    Engage your students with relevant content with ClickView

  • ClickView for Primary Schools

    31 Oct 2019 ClickView

    ClickView presents short, engaging videos designed for young pupils

  • ClickView for FE Colleges

    31 Oct 2019 ClickView

    ClickView for Further Education provides a comprehensive library of relevant educational videos designed for further education

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