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With more than 500+ School Radio installations to date, School Radio are the UK’s largest provider of broadcast radio technology for education with decades of experience in developing and installing professional broadcast radio worldwide. 


1-2 Maritime House
East Yorkshire
HU13 0EG
United Kingdom


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  • The new 2018 School Radio Starter Package includes everything you need to start a School Radio station on a budget.  By concentrating on the core equipment, the Starter Package offers the ideal entry level School Radio system, providing all the essential tools and equipment you need with the option to upgrade your system in the future. Budget School Radio does not need to be compromised School Radio with our Starter Package. Launch your School Radio with the Starter Package from £3999+VAT.

  • The SR1 studio provides a great entry level studio package for anyone looking for a highly featured studio focused on the core components you need in a studio. 

  • School Radio Product Guide

    15 Jan 2020 School Radio

    Everything you need to know about School Radio and how we can help you launch your own School Radio station.

  • Studio Comparison

    17 Jan 2019 BroadcastRadio
    This simple comparison table allows you to see, at a glance, what each of our School Radio packages includes and how they compare to the other packages in the range.
  • School Radio Handbook

    12 Nov 2019 School Radio

    Introduction to School Radio, the benefits, how to do it and what options we offer.

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