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23 - 26 January 2019
ExCel London


Stand: B280
  • Primary
  • Secondary
  • Higher education
  • Interactive Whiteboards
  • Cloud Services
  • Administration and registration
  • Cashless payment systems
  • Access Control
  • Not New

BioStore has been developing secure Identity Management technology for the education market since 2005. BioStore makes it easy to manage the various software applications in use through one secure central database.

BioStore’s FasTrak Cashless Catering and Attendance system is the flagship solution that can really make a difference for students and staff. E-registration is made simple when fully integrated with a school’s MIS system.


United Kingdom


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  • Identity Management
    BioStore’s IDManager is the central console for managing BioStore databases and the identification services for all applications.
  • Access Control
    BioStore’s IDAccess helps resolve many of the issues around implementing a secure access control system for buildings, rooms or digital assets requiring management of user access provisioning. Maintaining an access control system can be time consuming, especially when there are a large number of access points to control. IDAccess can be used to define access permissions, and to monitor the use of these permissions in real time.
  • Cashless Catering
    FasTrak’s Cashless Catering facilities allows schools to go completely cashless. Catering at your school becomes faster and efficient, because staff and students can collect their meal for the day with a simple & quick authentication from an ID smart card or biometric reader. Meals can also be pre-ordered using an online account that can be topped-up.
  • Cloud Solution
    With our Cloud Solution, schools get all of BioStore's great applications at a cost-effective price with no technical barriers. We completely handle the implementation and maintenance of a school’s system over the cloud, removing any need for technical expertise or investment in new expensive network infrastructure.
  • E-Registration
    Any user who is registered in BioStore’s IDManager, via biometrics or smart card, can use the E-Registration Client application connected to BioStore. A finger scanner or card reader is used in conjunction with the Client, so that users can identify themselves using their BioStore credentials. BioStore’s E-Registration then sets the status for the user as either registered in or out.
  • Card Designer
    BioStore provides a complete range of features and functions to produce, manage and maintain all smart cards across a site, linking to all the systems for a single point of administration.
  • Computer Logon
    BioStore’s IDLogon provides the benefits of BioStore authentication applied to the Computer Logon process. Advanced features provide logon for special needs through teacher and helper authentication.
  • Visitor Management
    BioStore’s Visitor Management application provides a safeguard against unauthorised persons, protecting pupils in schools as well as staff and property in the workplace.
  • Password Manager
    BioStore’s Password Manager helps resolve many issues when implementing a secure password policy for Windows networks. Providing a secure biometric backed method for password reset which does not require staff intervention, reduces pressure on the IT department and removes any stigma attached to forgetting a password.
  • Print & Copy Management
    Fully compatible with a ‘follow-me’ print process, where users submit print jobs to a virtual queue and can then retrieve those jobs from any authorised device, by confirming their identity using the card or biometric reader, or typing a PIN.
  • Library Management
    BioStore integrates seamlessly with all the major library systems popular in the education market. Whether using card, biometric or a combination of both, BioStore will ensure quick and easy access to this important service.
  • Locker Management
    Use card and biometric identification to control keyless opening of personal property and equipment storage, driving down cost of ownership and improving accessibility and security.
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