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BENMAKER aims to improve STEAM skills of the children aged between 5-14 as well as increasing the vocational skills of the youth through educational equipment that BenMaker manufactures. Our equipment varies from mini lathe to 3D Printers, Manuel Milling Macgine to 5 Axİs CNC milling machine. 



Demirtaş Organize Sanayi Bölgesi 1.Nilüfer Sokak , No:5 P.K.11-16369


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  • With this set, the children are able to;

    • Form their imagined wood products to their liking using saw, emery, lathe and drills.
    • Turn into real what they dream of with this wood forming set
    • Produce with their imagination and develop as they produce
    • Learn to work effectively with 10 fingers 
    • Improve their hand-eye-brain coordination.



    • Drill module is 200 mm in height, 150 mm in width and 150 mm in depth
    • Operating voltage is 12V.
    • This product can only process wooden plyboard. Drilling thickness is 4 mm. 
    • Drill module has a drill bit of 3,0 mm
    • Emery saw is 180 mm in height, 250 mm in width and 250 mm in depth
    • Operating voltage is 12V
    • This product can only process wooden plyboard.
    • Cutting thickness is maximum 4 mm.
    • Sand paper used by the Emery Saw Module has a thickness of 60 grade.


    •  Lathe module is 150 mm in length, 350 mm in width and 120 mm in depth.
    • Operating voltage is 12V.
    • The material which the lathe module can process should have a minimum diameter of 30 mm and a minimum length of 95mm
    • Lathe module can process only wooden materials.


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