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Assemblr EDU is an educational platform that helps you to create a more accessible and exciting learning experience in 3D & AR. We aim to make education fun & meaningful again!

We provide editors where you can build your own 3D & AR lessons (equipped with 1,000+ 3D objects, texts, pictures, videos, and annotations tool), a virtual classroom to engage with your classroom, and 120+ ready-to-use AR learning materials with various topics. 

We believe that augmented reality for education should be accessible for everyone, anywhere and anytime. That’s why, we’re running on a cross-platform. Be it from your smartphones or PCs, we’re ready to light the spark in your classroom.




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  • Assemblr EDU

    20 Jan 2021
    Assemblr EDU is the one-stop platform that enables you to create fun, interactive, and collaborative learning activities in 3D & AR. We aim to make education fun & meaningful again.
  • What's Inside the Human Eye?

    20 Jan 2021 Assemblr EDU
  • Assemblr EDU Showcase

    20 Jan 2021 Assemblr EDU
  • Assemblr EDU is back!

    20 Jan 2021 Assembrl EDU
  • Teacher's Guide for Assemblr EDU

    20 Jan 2021 Assemblr EDU
    A booklet that includes all information to help you get started, and to guide you through all steps in Assemblr EDU.
  • Assemblr Certified Educators

    20 Jan 2021 Assemblr EDU
    Assemblr Certified Educator (ACE) is a program where teachers can develop practical skills to use Assemblr professionally. Let us guide you into the world of AR and get licensed!
  • Lesson Plan and Classroom Activity

    20 Jan 2021 Assemblr EDU
    With lesson plan and classroom activity examples, you will be able to pick and demonstrate the ready-to-use activities to your students along with classroom activity ideas.
  • Do you find it hard to create fun & interactive learning during this pandemic? Worry not, it’s not only you. We know exactly how you feel. And, that’s why Assemblr EDU is here for you.
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