23 - 26 January 2019
ExCel London

Artec Co., Ltd.

Stand: C502
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Artec Co., Ltd.

Please visit our Stand C-502 for the UK launch of the ArtecRobo platform in the Robot Zone.

Artec is a well-established global supplier of STEM related educational hardware and constructional kits.

Our ArtecRobo platform is a modular system that utilizes our unique building blocks and can be added to at any time. Since it is derived from Open Source hardware (Arduino, MicroBit) and Software (Scratch/ Python) learners will find they are well prepared for any future work in computer science. 




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  • ArtecRobo
    ArtecRobo is the most school-friendly robot programming solution out there. The key features that make it stand out include the unique building blocks, that do not require any connectors, and allow for very smooth and quick completion of even the most complicated robots. This allows to dedicate the majority of the time to studying programming. Another great point about the parts is that ALL of them are available to be purchased separately. This means that you no longer need to purchase expensive expansion packs just to get your hands on a single spare part. The next key feature of ArtecRobo is the high level of the curriculum - all of the materials prepared, ranging from student guides to lessons plans, have been tailored-made by or team of experienced professionals in close collaboration with some of the brightest names in education in Japan and around the world. We provide for versatile programming environment by offering a total of 4 programming environments and support for iOS and Android devices. As the board used is a beginner-friendly Arduino-based board called Studuino, it is possible to connect and use third party parts providing for expandability. Finally, a word has to be said about the very affordable level of pricing. All of the above make ArtecRobo the perfect solution for programmable robotics, especially when it comes to educational facilities of all levels.
  • Artec Blocks
    Artec Blocks are revolutionary new building blocks originating from Japan. These 2cm by 2cm cube-shaped blocks have one connecting stud off center and multiple holes on each side. This unique design allows for incredible freedom of expression as any two pieces can be connected not only horizontally and vertically, but also horizontally. The fact that any two blocks have 60 types of connections between them, means that there is no more need for numerous shapes. One can create the exact shape that he or she wants, meaning that more time can be spent on developing creativity and freedom of expression, rather than looking for the right part.
  • AT Clay
    AT Clay is Artec's original super light clay that has 6 unique features: 1. It is incredibly stretchy; 2. Stretchiness is not affected by adding paint; 3. Incredibly firm; 4. Sticks well to other decorative materials such as PET bottles; 5. Super sticky (sticks great to clay, but not your hands); 6. Does not crack once it dries; 100% made in Japan and European safety regulation-conformant.
  • Science Materials
    We offer hundreds of original, reasonably priced science materials for Primary School. These range from long-time classics such as stroboscopes, thermometers and hand-crank generators to our very original electricity generation and transformation cars, vacuum experiment kits and many others.
  • Hands-on Lab
    Hands-on Lab is a series of 84 science experiment kits for children from 6 to 12+. These were developed based on science curricula of over a dozen developed countries. Each kit consists of high-quality original science material and a detailed and fun booklet (16+ pages). These kits have a proven record of being used in schools all over the world.
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