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Artec Co., Ltd. is Japan's leading educational materials manufacturer with a history of over 60 years.

We boast a lineup of over 10,000 original products, with hundrends of new items being developed every year.

Stop by our booth to chek out Japan's recent programmable robotics, science materials, and teaching aids.


3-2-21 Kitakamei-cho


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  • Artec is produc to present a recent addition to it programmable robotics lienup - the Early Education Set!

    This set was developed specificaly for late kindergartent-early primary schoolers in mind, and introduces them to the basics of programmbale robotics and STEM.

  • Japan’s largest educational materials manufacturer, Artec Co., Ltd., is proud to present its most recent and advanced programming and robotics solution for primary and secondary schools -  ArtecRobo Complete Education Set.

    This set was developed with the specific goals of introducing and nurturing understanding of programming, robotics and engineering. 

  • Hands-on Lab series

    01 Nov 2019

    A collection of 84 science experiment kits developed especially for children aged 6-12 and covering 11 subjects all the way from physics and chemistry to space and geology.

  • ArtecRobo 2.0 is an educational programmable robotics tool intended for early elementary to high schoolers. It takes programming education step-by-step from your first program without a computer to advanced concepts like AI and IoT.

    The Simple Kit was developed to allow the students to take their first steps in Python.

  • Hands-on Lab Magner Racer

    01 Nov 2019 Alex Groms

    This kit will help you easily understand the principals of magnets! Did you know that the EARTH we live on is also a HUGE magnet!?

  • ArtecRobo Early Education Kit

    01 Nov 2019 Alex Groms

    Give your kid 21st-century skills with the ArtecRobo Early Education Set, Artec's latest robotics and programming set!

  • ArtecRobo Complete Education Set

    01 Nov 2019 Alex Groms

    Let us introduce you our new robot programming kit, ArtecRobo Education Set Complete Edition!

  • ArtecRobo 2.0 Core

    01 Nov 2019 Alex Groms

    Introducing Artec's next generation solution for programmable robotics and IoT, ArtecRobo 2 Core!

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