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  • The specialist in digital education
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  • No. 1 on the Slovak market
  • Partners: BBC Learning, Atos, Samsung, Microsoft, Raiffesien Group.

The largest provider of digital content to the Ministry of Education in the Slovak Republic.
B2B, B2G, CSR solutions for digital education with a focus on innovation.


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  • KOZMIX is an educational solution for primary schools consisting of an educational portal with more than 1 000 lessons for 11 subjects taught at primary school, methodology for teachers, gadgets, printed magazines, books and Edu boxes for the classroom. In addition, it contains more than 600 animations and simulations, approximately 1 400 digital interactive exercises and more than 1 000 worksheets. 

  • The Central Repository of Digital Educational Content is a technology platform that makes digital educational content accessible to teachers, pupils, parents and the general public. Content is available online anytime, anywhere, and everything is tailored for smart phones, tablets and computers. It is a comprehensive online educational platform with broad functionality to support modern digital education at school and at home.

  • WORLD PHENOMENA is an educational solution for upper primary schools consisting of 7 separate products (Water, Air, Sun, Culture, Communication, Human, Money) which offers the teacher a new modern way of teaching contextually, emphasizing the development of 21st century skills in classroom and motivating children to become engaged and active in learning. 

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