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22 - 25 January 2020
ExCel London

2simple software

Stand: B221
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2simple software

2Simple have made powerful, educational software to bring the whole curriculum to life, since 1999. 

Programs include the Purple Mash suite of creative tools, the 2Build a Profile record keeping app, the Serial Mash eLibrary and Mini Mash for the EYFS. 



2Simple Software
Enterprise House
2 The Crest, Hendon
United Kingdom


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  • Purple Mash
    Purple Mash is an educational, creative and inspiring website for primary schools. It’s packed with games and resources for subjects across the curriculum, delivering an engaging experience for pupils and valuable for busy teachers. We provide teachers with lesson plans, curriculum links and video tutorials. All resources are differentiated by content for pupils aged 3-11. Purple Mash is updated with new content throughout the year and it offers resources and a safe platform for promoting e-safety.
  • Mini Mash
    Mini Mash is an online resource that supports teaching and learning in the Early Years environment. It is an interactive virtual classroom that allows children in nursery and reception to explore, learn and create in a safe online space. It offers a wide range of tools mapped around the seven learning areas of the EYFS Framework. It also comes complete with 25+ themed topic packs covering all of the Early Years favourites.
  • Serial Mash
    Serial Mash is a growing online library of books specifically written for use in primary school classroom. The books are aimed at children aged 5-11 and come complete with a range of teacher resources packs, comprehension quizzes and printable SPaG worksheets.
  • 2Build a Profile
    The multi-award winning app for gathering observations on the go. It improves the quality and consistency of formative assessment, while also saving educators hours of record keeping time. Enjoy seamless progress tracking from Reception through to the end of Primary.
  • 2Code
    2Code has been purposefully designed to meet the requirements of the National Curriculum 2014. It enables teachers, even those with no prior coding experience, to confidently deliver fun and engaging lessons that meet the requirements of the curriculum. 2Code turns children as young as five into competent coders by using fun ready-made Guided Lesson activities.
  • 2Email
    2Email allows children as young as five can practice composing, sending and replying to emails in a safe and secure environment. It includes a range of ‘2Respond’ lesson activities where children receive emails from fictional characters and are asked to respond appropriately. With a special safety feature teachers are able to review every email sent. For extra peace of mind they can prevent emails from being delivered until they have been reviewed.
  • 2Blog
    2Blog is a simple and versatile way of setting up blogs for classes, groups and individuals within your school. Once set up, you have full control who can view and post on the site. As well as posting text and photos, bloggers can embed their Purple Mash projects and comment on other posts.
  • 2Quiz
    2Quiz is the creative way to re-enforce and test knowledge and skills from across the curriculum. Teachers and children can make their own imaginative test. You have wide range of quiz types available, from simple multiple-choice to your own custom labelling challenges.
  • 2Write
    2Write allows children to work collaboratively in real time. Children can work on the same document with each child’s input appearing in a unique colour. It is perfect for: • Word and idea walls • Peer assessment • Collaborative fiction • Research Wikis • Inter-class projects It can also be used as a simple word processor. It follows ‘web’ rather than ‘desktop publishing’ standards and is a great way to get children used to writing for an online audience.
  • Text Toolkit
    Text Toolkit contains five unique literacy tools that each allow you to easily create and differentiate your own literacy activities for children. Customise everything from texts to time limits to make games suitable for any ability. Whether you want to work on spelling, punctuation or grammar, there’s a toll for it here.
  • 2Type
    Type is a highly engaging and customisable typing program that familiarises children with the keyboard. Children can choose their own letters, words, text and speeds, or enjoy using a series of pre-set activities such as Falling Words, Typing Practice, Dictation, just to mention a few.
  • 2Calculate
    2Calculate offers the same powers as a basic spreadsheet but uses language and mathematical symbols that children can relate to. There is a wide range pre-set activities to challenge and stimulate at all levels from mathematical quizzes and counting money to decimals and formula wizards.
  • Maths Games
    Six fast-paced games for division, fractions, factors, sums, sequencing and number bonds. Each game is designed to make learning mathematics fun, effective and meaningful for children in KS2.
  • 2Design and Make
    Design your own 3D models with this primary C.A.D. software. Print them out and make them up to bring your designs to life. Chose a pre-made template to decorate (car, house, truck, bear, crown, cube, polygon, bus, lorry cab, lorry trailer or train) or make your own unique design.
  • 2Connect
    A mapping and concept planning tool that allows pupils to generate ideas with text, image and sound to write in one place. Learners can also collaborate with each other on a concept map, making 2Connect a dynamic addition to Purple Mash.
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