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23 - 26 January 2019
ExCel London

Bett 2019 Product List

  • SMART Board 6000 Series
    SMART Board 6000 Series
  • SMART Board MX Series
    SMART Board MX Series
  • SMART Board 2000 Series
    SMART Board 2000 Series
  • School Bookings
    Parents' Evening Booking System. Learn more here: https://www.schooljotter.com/parents-evening-system/
  • SMART Learning Suite Software
    SMART Learning Suite Software
  • SMART TeamWorks Software
    SMART TeanWorks Software
  • SMART STEAM Classroom Coding Kit with SAM Labs
    SMART STEAM Classroom Coding Kit with SAM Labs
  • SMART STEAM Coding Kit with SAM Labs
    SMART STEAM Coding Kit with SAM Labs
  • SMART Podium
    SMART Podium
  • SMART AM50 and i5 Compute Card
    SMART AM50 and i5 Compute Card
  • passFINANCE
    Designed solely with independent and international schools in mind, passFINANCE comprises an array of modules to cover all the needs of the Bursary, from the complex payment relationships catered for in Billing, through to the HMRC tested and recognised Payroll which incorporates the unique requirements of the education sector. All modules work seamlessly together to give one single view of your school’s finances, reducing errors caused by duplication of data entries and balancing multiple systems, and saving you time, too.
  • HUB
    A true cloud solution, giving global reach with access anywhere, on any device, in any language. HUB is an information management system that offers unrivalled communication, scalability and academic reporting functionality plus a simple migration, all from an established brand. It supports any size of school, school group or school type, not only in the classroom, but in all departments - helping improve efficiency and effectiveness throughout.
  • HUBapply
    HUBapply is the ultimate student recruitment and admissions CRM system for schools. It is a paperless online solution that manages the end-to-end admissions journey, from enquiry to enrolment. The intuitive built-in communication features provide simplicity and speed, while instant messaging and automated notifications ensure that nothing gets bypassed. It takes away the endless phone calls, emails and paper-based documents circulating your admissions office, improving efficiency and increasing staff productivity. HUBapply also offers powerful, detailed and accurate reporting, measuring student numbers and conversions instantly, to support forecasting, improve targeted marketing activities and increase enquiry traffic.
  • Free Premium Resources
    When you join the School Radio family you gain access to fantastic Premium Resource Kits, School Lesson Plans, Industry Tips, School Radio Player, support, training and much more… Every School Radio system includes access to a fantastic range of Premium Resource Kits that will inspire your students and help you to develop content that not only covers many aspects of radio but also relates directly to key goals and statutory requirements of the National Curriculum. We have identified more than 100 individual points in the National Curriculum that School Radio can help you achieve. School Radio customers can download the annotated document from schoolradio.com today! Premium Resource Examples: • Radio Drama – Spooky Hill. • Book Review Show. • HistoryLIVE! • Good Radio Interviews. • The Discussion Show. • Build A School Radio Player using a Raspberry Pi
  • School Radio Player
    The School Radio Player makes launching your School Radio station as simple as tying your shoe laces! Login to your SchoolRadio.com customer page, add in your station name, logo and description, and your School Radio Player is ready to provide access to your service across multiple browsers and devices. You can subscribe to School Radio Player even if you don’t have one of our School Radio packages! Key Features: • Station login area. • Customisable School Radio Player. • Select the level of listeners from our range of packages. • Support for Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome & Firefox. • Support multiple devices including PC’s tablets, smart phones and dedicated devices. • Access to exclusive resources and tutorials. • Upload up to speech based podcasts (max 30 minutes per programme at 64kbps). • Manage your podcasts via your School Radio Player portal. • Listeners can download directly from your School Radio Player. School Radio Player is free for 12 months with every School Radio Studio package then starts from just £10+VAT per month.
  • UR7 Digital Studio Package
    Our ultimate School Radio studio package includes a wide range of premium features and equipment designed to directly mimic a professional radio studio, indeed, UR7’s are used in a number of stations around the world. The UR7 features a split digital mixing console coupled with the latest Myriad systems and dual SmartSigns to keep your presenters and guests informed. The unique UR7 woodwork has been designed with talk based radio in mind with the presenter positions have ‘face to face’ access to the presenters at all times. Everything about the UR7 screams quality from the premium microphone arms to the compact equipment pod complete with mood lighting. If you want to create a School Radio studio that any radio station would be proud of and have access to professional equipment and tools to allow you to deliver industry grade radio courses, the UR7 is the School Radio package for you. • Split digital mixing desk. • Traditional style UR7 woodwork. • Myriad touchscreen playout system. • Premium microphones, mic arms, speakers and headphones. • Presenter and guest position SmartSigns. • Mood lighting in equipment pod.
  • UR4 Fixed Studio Package
    If you are looking for a studio that combines high impact with visuals with an extremely flexible layout perfectly suited for speech based content, the UR4 ideal for you. The UR4 features substantial, traditionally finished studio furniture arranged in a practical 'L' shape which allows for presenters and guests to be arrange comfortable around the studio. SRM - 9 Channel Broadcast Mixer Built In Telephone* & VoIP (Skype) Interface Large ‘L’ Shaped Traditional Studio Furniture 1 x Myriad Studio Software Licenses 1 x Myriad AutoPlay Software License Rack Playout PC (inc 4 channel soundcard) K500 Myriad Control Keyboard 22" Touch Screen (on monitor arm) 1 x Presenter Microphone 3 x Guest Microphones 4 x Articulated Arm 4 x Headphones Stereo Speakers 22" SmartSign (on monitor arm) Audio Compressor (for output) 12 Months Technical Support At the heart of the UR4 is our very own SRMv2 broadcast mixer which is designed to be easy to use whilst still offering advanced features. The new v2 SRM now sports a cool black 'brushed metal' finish and a dedicated VoIP (Skype) channel as well as all advanced Myriad integration, built in traditional telephone interface, headphone limiting and more. The UR4 also includes a full Myriad 5 Studio License and touchscreen interface. This latest version of the industry standard broadcast software features a wide range of exciting new features that will make producing and delivering radio a breeze. The included playout PC is rack mounted to ensure it is well protected. There is also a SmartSign included which displays the time and status of all four of the included microphones. You also get four sets of headphones, a pair of speakers and an audio compressor.
  • AR1 Accessibility Studio
    The World’s most accessible radio studio, the AR1 was developed in conjunction with a number of special schools around the UK to provide a School Radio studio package that would be accessible to students with varied levels of special educational needs. Installed from £8699+VAT. Comes in a range of vibrant colours. The AR1 offers the same benefits of the SR4 but with a number of additional features to add accessibility including: • Height adjustable main desk (manual adjustment via winder). • Tilt adjustable mixer frame to angle mixer from flat to near vertical. • Dual articulated mic arms to position the microphones where you need them. • Switch interface + scan/switch support in Myriad to offer a range of control options. • Customisable font size and high contrast colour schemes.
  • SR5 & SR6 Digital Studio Packages
    The SR5 Digital Studio combines cutting edge digital mixer technology with fresh, modular design to provide a high impact, professional studio that any radio station would be proud of. Installed from £13499+VAT. Comes in a range of vibrant colours. The SR6 expands upon the SR5 with additional microphones and a ‘talks table’ for interviews and discussion programs. Installed from £14799+VAT. Comes in a range of vibrant colours. Key Features: • AEQ Capitol IP Digital mixing console and mix engine. • 3 x Pro Myriad radio software licences (install on 2 additional PC’s). • 22” Touchscreen PC with Dante sound driver & Myriad keyboard. • Modular studio furniture with optional ‘talks table’ in a choice of colours. • Free upgrade to ‘Classic’ furniture if you prefer a more traditional look. • 2 x Microphones, articulated stands & headphones (or 4 with SR6). • Speakers, CD/MP3 Player & integrated ‘Mic Live’ lamp. • Onsite installation, training, lifetime aftercare & access to resources. • 24 months School Radio Player (for streaming & podcasts).
  • SR4 Fixed Studio Package
    The SR4 is a comprehensive, stylish fixed School Radio studio package featuring a modern, contemporary studio furniture design and a full complement of broadcast studio features including four microphones and touchscreen based Myriad system. The SR4 is ideal for any school wanting to make a feature of their School Radio with a dedicated space that both presenters and guests to the school will love to visit broadcast from. Whether you want to make music, drama or talk radio the SR4 offers all the facilities that you need. Installed from £7749+VAT. Comes in a range of vibrant modern colours. Key Features: • Intuitive SRM broadcast mixer, custom designed for School Radio. • 3 x Pro Myriad radio software licences (install on 2 additional PC’s). • 22” Touchscreen & PC with 4 channel soundcard & Myriad keyboard. • Fixed studio furniture available in a choice of colours. • 4 x Microphones, stands & headphones. • Speakers, audio processor & integrated ‘Mic Live’ lamp. • Onsite installation, training, lifetime aftercare & access to resources. • 24 months School Radio Player (for streaming & podcasts).
  • SR3 Portable Plus Studio Package
    The SR3 is designed for schools that want the convenience of a fixed School Radio studio combined with the flexibility of a portable solution. The SR3 is a complete, self-contained School Radio system. The SR3 combines professional radio equipment and software with a uniquely designed portable solution to provide the ideal School Radio platform for schools that do not have the space to dedicate to their School Radio. Wheel it in, switch it on and you are ready to make great radio. Installed from £7749+VAT. Comes in a range of vibrant modern colours. Key Features: • Intuitive SRM broadcast mixer, custom designed for School Radio. • 3 x Pro Myriad radio software licences (install on 2 additional PC’s). • 22” Touchscreen PC with 4 channel soundcard & Myriad keyboard. • Unique, secure and portable solution available in several colours. • 2 x Microphones, articulated stands & headphones. • Speakers, audio compressor & integrated ‘Mic Live’ lamp. • Onsite installation, training, lifetime aftercare & access to resources. • 24 months School Radio Player (for streaming & podcasts).
  • SR2 - Portable Studio Package
    The SR2 is our fully portable School Radio studio. It offers all the benefits of a traditional broadcast radio studio but with the flexibility to pack the whole lot away in to some flight cases and boxes for transport or storage. It is fast and simple to connect together and requires no technical knowledge. Package installed from £6399+VAT. Key Features: • Intuitive SRM broadcast mixer, custom designed for School Radio. • 3 x Pro Myriad radio software licences (install on 2 additional PC’s). • 22” Touchscreen PC with 4 channel soundcard & Myriad keyboard. • Fully portable with flight cases & equipment box. • 2 x Microphones, articulated stands & headphones. • Speakers, CD/MP3 Player & integrated ‘Mic Live’ lamp. • Onsite installation, training, lifetime aftercare & access to resources. • 12 months School Radio Player (for streaming & podcasts).
  • EinStart Desktop 3D Printer
    The EinStart Desktop 3D Printer is a stylish and compact 3D printer, based on fused deposition modelling technology. The fully enclosed design and optimised structures enable it to continuously operate for hundreds of hours before maintenance is required. It prints at an amazing speed of 100cc/h and benefits from automatic bed levelling, colour touch screen display and wireless network connection for automatic firmware updates.
  • EinScan Desktop 3D Scanners
    EinScan-SE and SP are the next generation of EinScan-S Desktop 3D Scanner captivating with new design and upgraded capacity. EinScan Desktop 3D Scanners provide the easiest 3D scanning experience for non-technical users , perfect for education, home use and desktop 3D printing. With these amazing plug and play 3D scanners you can simply point and click to turn physical objects into digital models on your computer - the perfect companions for a 3D printer.
  • Edmodo Classroom
    Edmodo is the world's largest social learning network. Using our easy-to-use tools, teachers are able to work with their students, keep their students' parents in the loop, and connect and collaborate with other teachers around the world. Join for free today at edmodo.com.
  • Spotlight
    Edmodo Spotlight helps you boost your lesson planning and find resources to spark your students’ curiosity and improve their overall learning experience. It is a place to share, collect, review, and discover helpful resources for your students and teaching. It is a marketplace where both publishers and teachers can create and share resources. Find new resources at spotlight.edmodo.com.
  • AskMo
    Edmodo is using machine learning and artificial intelligence to curate the world’s largest video content. Through AskMo, Edmodo’s unique free search engine, students gain access to personalized resources for learning, tutoring, test preparation, and college selection. Discover more at askmo.edmodo.com.
  • CareMonkey Admin View
    Manage student and staff groups, forms, payments, medical data and approval processes with ease.
  • CareMonkey Parent View
    Receive notifications, sign and respond to consent forms, make payments, keep student emergency contact and medical details up to date (automatically synced to SIMS). No more paper forms for parents!
  • CareMonkey Teacher View
    Access student emergency contacts and medical details, even when offline. Message parents, log notes and injury reports, mark the roll - perfect for school trips.
  • SMART Remote Management Software
    SMART Remote Management Software
  • SMART Floor Stand
    SMART Floor Stand
  • Websites
    Schoolzine offers schools a professional, cost effective, user friendly, integrated website solution. Using a Schoolzine templated website will ensure consistent branding across your schools two major communication platforms, the website and your eNewsletter. If you are using the Schoolzine communication app this too will share the same look and feel. Your website will be fully customised to your school’s individual needs as part of our set up process. This includes webpages formatted with photos, videos, and engaging content. Additional pages can be created on request. All website content is mobile supported and is continually developed at no charge to ensure compatibility. Our templates give your school the freedom to update content and create pages at any time.
  • SZapp
    SZapp is a One Stop Shop, all-inclusive Parent Engagement App with unlimited notifications to individuals, custom groups or the whole community, Digital Forms with Digital Signatures, Interactive Calendars with filtering capabilities, link to payment gateways like ParentPay, password protected and translated into more than 100 languages, enabling you to link from anywhere to anywhere.
  • Streamzine
    StreamZine allows the publication of news and events as it happens to your news stream. Create engaging content with image galleries, videos, eForms, polls and surveys. Publish mobile and tablet responsive DIY eNewsletters in minutes from your news stream library. Allow readers to filter news streams to their individual needs Staff members can submit content for approval Publish periodic DIY eNewsletters from your news stream Publish multiple news streams to represent individual classrooms or groups **Setup fee applies
  • eNewsletters
    Our eNewsletters offers unlimited content for you to upload across mobile, tablet and desktop platforms, sharing articles across the school community or customised newsletters for specific groups, with translation available via Google translate. This also includes interactive eForms with digital signature capabilities, polls and surveys, the Schoolzine calendar and parents evening booking system as well as a fully formatted, PDF printable version of your newsletter. With no contracts, pay-as-you-go options and on-going phone training and support.
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