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23 - 26 January 2019
ExCel London

Bett 2019 Product List

  • ID Verification
    Automated ID Verification; Live ID Verification
  • Originality Verification
    Symbols, Images & Character Recognition; Source-Link Identification; Similarity Score
  • Exam Invigilation
    Automated Invigilation, Live Invigilation, Professional Revew
  • My School Portal
    My School Portal is a single and secure platform that collates and displays all student information in one place for parents and streamlines school / teacher / parent communications. No more multiple logins and passwords. Thus improves communication throughout the school and gives huge savings in administration time.
  • ZuluDesk
    Mobile Device Management for Education
  • Immersive Environments
    Immersive Interactive are the UK’s leading experts in immersive classrooms within primary, secondary and special needs education. Our multi-sensory environments, engaging content and vast experience provide the most innovative learning spaces.
  • Jamf
    Mobile Device Management (MDM) - Manage and protect all your iPad, iPhone and Mac devices from anywhere. - Easily configure new devices - Wirelessly push apps and books - Set and modify device restrictions
  • iPad
    Create, learn, work and play like never before. An immersive 9.7-inch Multi-Touch Retina display. A10 Fusion chip with the power and capability you’d expect from a computer.
  • DocsPlus App
    The DocsPlus App provides secondary school students with a range of age-appropriate tools to support writing across the curriculum.
  • Clicker Apps
    Crick Software has also developed an incredibly popular range of apps, which give learners access to proven literacy tools developed specifically for iPads and Chromebooks.
  • DocsPlus
    DocsPlus is an exam-friendly word processor for struggling writers in secondary school and Further Education. DocsPlus’ support features include speech feedback, word prediction, subject-specific writing frames and word banks, and a mind-map creator.
  • Digital assessment in WISEflow
    Digital exam papers do not have to be printed, lugged around or kept track of. With WISEflow’s assessment module, you can mark and comment exams whenever and wherever you like. All you need is your favourite device and a common web browser. One of the many advantages of conducting digital exams and electronic management of assessments is zero waiting time. As soon as the students have submitted their exams, they are ready for marking. WISEflow even allows for the option of enabling auto-validation, making instant marking an actual possibility. When submitted, the exams are also automatically screened against our plagiarism-checker. The results are gathered, flagging each possible illegality, and sent along with the exam, giving you ample opportunity to take the results into consideration when marking.
  • Creating Rubrics in WISEflow
    With Rubrics, the consistency and transparency of your exams become much greater, as student learning outcomes for specific courses can be segmented into criteria with in-depth explanations of what these criteria mean and how they are measured. This benefits both assessors and students. It will give students an ampler comprehension of how and by what they are measured in the exam, at the same time providing them with clear instructions on how these criteria are weighted relative to each other. Meanwhile, it will also ensure that each student is assessed with similar conditions. By formalising criteria in a structured and easy-to-interpret taxonomy like Rubrics, you ensure that students are assessed by the same set of criteria consistently and not by criteria outside the relevance of the student learning outcomes. It also makes consistent assessment much easier for exams with multiple assessors, as the assessors cannot introduce individual criteria in the assessment.
  • Authoring Digital Exams with WISEflow
    In the author module, you can build powerful interactive tests, choosing from more than 50 question templates ranging from simple multiple-choice, fill-in-the-blank, matching, short and long answer to advanced maths and graphs. You can choose the type of exam that best suits your wants and needs: home assignment, on-site exam, group exam, multiple choice or oral exam. You can even align it automatically with the specific rules and regulations of your institution.
  • Clicker 7
    Clicker is currently used in thousands of UK primary schools. The latest version, Clicker 7, builds on the success of its predecessors and makes it easier than ever before for teachers to provide personalised literacy support across the curriculum - from planning, to writing, to proofing.
  • Learningclic
    We create technological solutions based on neuroscience and big data, to enhance learning, brainpower and progress through a massive Q&A format. It's a learning system that helps both the teacher to take advantage from their pedagogic activities and the students to achieve better and faster results optimizing their skills.
  • Meet hundreds robot in motion - PINGPONG
    Starting from a fundamental idea of creating a robot which is fun and easy to operate yet at an affordable price with plentiful extensibilities, we present a new paradigm on the robot history, that is a single module based robot platform.
  • Autodesk Fusion 360
    Fusion 360 is a powerful CAD tool that combines the benefits of running software on your local machine with harnessing the power of cloud technology. Design, make, render and test your products in a single piece of software. And the best part? It's free for educational use. Fusion 360 is at the heart of the Airgineers project - visit us to find out more about implementing CAD in your classroom.
  • Learning Ladders
    Shortlisted ‘Best Product for Teaching Learning and Assessment’ for each of the last 5 years. Learning Ladders is how outstanding schools accelerate learning, improve wellbeing, and save teacher time by connecting teaching in school and at home. Formative assessment and parental engagement, connected at last.
  • Moscow Electronic School
    Launched in 2016, Moscow Electronic School represents a new solution to learning, an integrated digital environment. It balances the use of modern technologies and traditional approaches to education. The online educational platform consists of thousands of up-to-date learning materials, including texts, lesson plans and e-textbooks, as well as e-register and academic progress reports.
  • Online eLearning Platform
    We host an Online eLearning Platform where you can create and author online learning content that your students can access and interact with tutors anywhere in the world via our app and desktop site.
  • Home Inventor Kit
    Home Inventor Kit is a 7-in-1 DIY kit, it can be built into 7 home appliance project to improve your house and make it smarter. Seven-in-One Building Forms 1. Parking Lot System 2. Weather Station 3. Corridor Lamp 4. Magical Musician 5. Smart Fan 6. Obedient Gate 7. Rainbow color lamp Rich Programmable Sensors • Six input modules: Temperature and humidity sensor; ultrasonic sensor; touch sensor; sound sensor; light sensor; IR remote control. • Seven output modules: 5V130 fan module; 4-digital LED display; 9g servo motor; RGB LED; red LED; yellow LED; buzzer. Easy to Build Clear step-by-step assembly instruction, user-friendly design. No Coding Experience Required The easy-to-use graphical programming is enabled to control each part of the robot by simply dragging & dropping blocks. Endless Way to Play Besides the pre-set building forms and modes, simple and easy programming allows you to realize infinite whimsies. Limitless Extension Compatible with Weeemake platform and LEGO blocks.
  • WeeeBot mini STEAM Education Robot
    WeeeBot mini is an ideal entry-level STEM education robot. It provides an entertaining hands-on learning experience for beginners by integrating robots and programming. Simple and Durable WeeeBot mini is an open-and-play robot, build by anodized aluminum, durable and strong. Six Mode to Play Manual Control, Line-following, Obstacle Avoidance, Draw on LED Matrix, Coding, Expansion. No Coding Experience Required The easy-to-use graphical programming is enable to control each part of robot by simple drag & drop blocks. Limitless Extension Compatible with Weeemake platform and LEGO blocks. • Mainboard ELF mini: a small but powerful mainboard integrated with light sensor, sound sensor, buzzer, four LEDs, IR receiver, and touch power switch. • Additional sensors: one 5*14 LED panel, one RGB Ultrasonic sensor, and one line-following sensor.
  • Class
    An educational and innovative method, KOKORO lingua was designed by an expert's team of primary school teachers, English teachers, linguists and mums. A time saver for teachers, KOKORO lingua provides them with ready-to-watch videos accessible around the clock, already sequenced in relevant pedagogical order, printed pedagogical supporting materials and concise instructions on how to run the program. Moreover, our children learn the language with the right pronunciation and accents. Non-native teachers don’t even have to worry about the influence of their own accent!
  • Family
    An educational and innovative method, KOKORO lingua was designed by an expert's team of primary school teachers, English teachers, linguists and mums. A time saver for parents, KOKORO lingua provides them with ready-to-watch videos accessible around the clock, already sequenced in relevant pedagogical order, printed pedagogical supporting materials, concise instructions on how to run the program and weekly advice on how to practice the acquired language points at home. Last but not least, children learn the language with the right pronunciation and accents. Non-native parents don’t even have to worry about the influence of their own accent!
  • Kai's Clan Start Pack
    Start your adventures in collaborative coding with 4 robots and a "Create" activity mat.
  • Tackling Tables
    Tackling Tables is an exciting, innovative card game that enables children to learn their tables and the inverse by seeing the power of number relationships. It has been developed as an easy to implement whole school approach and is now ONLINE - with testing, monitoring and intelligent practice material.
  • Selfie Reg
    Use a Selfie to show that you are in the session. Using a mobile device and the www.selfiereg.me portal you can quick and simple create a register of those in the session.
  • Classroom Monitor - Teacher App
    Assess on the go with the Classroom Monitor teacher app Easy to use and quick to access, the Classroom Monitor teacher app is a vital tool for recording evidence and assessment on the go. It’s a seamless and time-efficient way to link together your day to day activities in the classroom. Recorded assessment judgements and collected evidence feed directly into Classroom Monitor’s online markbooks.
  • Classroom Monitor -  Inspire and involve parents
    It’s never been easier to engage parents in their child’s learning. Create reports at any time, for sharing on paper or through our online portal. Content can come directly from your formative assessment markbooks, so most of the work is already done! Share targets, scores, photos, videos and more.
  • Classroom Monitor - Powerful performance analytics
    Get instant data with real meaning. Classroom Monitor instantly turns formative and summative assessments into live analysis of your whole school. Live tracking data pinpoints gaps in learning, strengths and weaknesses so you can act on them straight away. From top-level cohort comparisons, right down to the individual child. It’s all ready for Ofsted, governors and MAT Heads, any time you need it.
  • Classroom Monitor - formative and summative assessment
    Online markbooks give teachers a quick and easy way to enter and record assessment. It’s the most flexible system for curriculum coverage. Use your own customised objectives, or a ready-made curriculum – you have total control. Teachers can capture all the evidence they need to support judgements and map out next steps in learning. Import test data and visually triangulate between formative assessment, external test data and evidence of pupil work.
  • Online dictionary
    Online Maths and English dictionary defining the key concepts in English and Mathematics. Printed versions will also be available.
  • Success Criteria
    Easy-to-use examples for English and Mathematics. A model or reference for children to access.
  • Succeedu Workshop
    Online software that enable teachers to create learning resources that suit their needs.
  • EzMol: Teaching portal on protein and nucelic acid structure
    EzMol is a free to use molecular graphics program into which a portal teaching students about the structure and function of nucleic acids has been integrated. Free to use via www.ezmol.org
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