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22 - 25 January 2020
ExCel London

Bett 2019 Product List

  • MX-P 4K Mobile Visualiser
    The MX-P combines high quality and compact design. As a 4K camera with 13-megapixel CMOS sensor, it delivers sharp images. The flexible camera head can be rotated on two axes. In this way, the MX-P can be positioned at different angles to the object shown. Recording of videos and the taking of pictures are also possible. The connection to projectors and screens takes place via the HDMI or VGA output. To use with a computer a USB 3.0 connection is available. This result, a smooth image transfer with up to 60 frames per second. The MX-P weighs only about 550g and fits with its compact dimensions of 29 x 8.2 x 2.2 cm comfortably in every briefcase.
  • Fun Days, Festivals and Community Events
    A bespoke plan is drawn up and reviewed with organisers, if suitable, GlamSci will deliver sessions required throughout the day. Great flexibility, sessions designed to fit in with current ideas, themes and curriculum. Bookable for half and full days, as well as STEM Days/Weeks.
  • Bespoke Careers and UCAS Services
    UCAS talks optional. Part of package of career development, includes, mock interviews, career planning, UCAS personal statement checking and CV checking. Can be booked by parents, schools and individuals.
  • International Lessons
    Similar to the Workshop/Demos package international classes can be delivered online. A bespoke plan is drawn up and reviewed with tutor, if suitable, GlamSci will deliver sessions via skype or other suitable online room. Great flexibility, sessions designed to fit in with current ideas, themes and curriculum. Bookable for half and one off sessions.
  • Motivational Talks
    Bespoke Talks can be organised for your organisation. These can be based around careers advice, resilience, empowerment and so all. All of these are individually designed and pre-agreed before delivery.
  • Workshops/Demos
    Bespoke hands-on workshops or visually exciting demos can be organizations for your organization. Subjects and content dependent on your needs and curriculum.
  • ActivPanel i-Series
    The ActivPanel i-Series is the essential interactive panel for customers looking to replace their projector-based systems with a long-term, reliable solution from the world’s leading education company. Select from optional display computing, premium sound, and versatile mounting configurations as classroom needs change over time. Available in 65″ HD & 75″ 4K
  • ActivPanel : premium interactive display
    The award-winning ActivPanel is the premium interactive display for immersive learning, providing a tablet-like experience at the front of the classroom. Innovative InGlass™ technology delivers the industry’s most natural writing experience for teachers and students to collaborate with ease. Available in 65″ 4K, 70″ HD, 75″ 4K, & 86″ 4K.
  • Evidence-based Reading Assessment
    Combining the latest technology with extensive research our assessment monitors a child's spontaneous eye movements whilst reading. Our Machine Learning models then perform an extremely precise statistical analysis on the child's individual eye movement patterns. This enables us to pick up on minor differences in the way their brains process text which can help determine every child's exact reading attainment in a matter of minutes. Schools then have access to out user-friendly Portal where results can be compared across many different levels from whole school to individual pupil. Comparisons can also be made between schools involved on LA or MAT levels. With the Lexplore assessment package all hardware, training, and support is included.
  • watchX
    watchX is a Do it Yourself easy to program Smartwatch Kit for STEM Education. It’s also a great development kit for makers and electronics enthusiast. It consists of an electronics board packed with a lot of sensors, Bluetooth and charging circuit. watchX box also includes a display, battery, USB cable, double-sided bands, and a nato strap. Users assemble the watch with simple steps then watchX is ready to be programmed. Programming the watchX is easy, users from age 9+ can easily program the watchX with Scratch, drag and drop programming language. Users can make a simple program with Scratch that "counts jump" to an advanced one a "smartwatch watch-face".
  • RedboxVR Theta 360 Degree Shooting Kit
    In partnership with Ricoh the new Theta 360 Degree shooting kit is the perfect add on to allow students to create amazing and powerful 360 degree content in conjunction with Google VR Tour Creator.
  • RedboxVR Custom Kits
    RedboxVR can now supply kits based around the Lenovo Mirage Solo / Oculus Go / Pico Goblin / Homido V2 and Samsung Gear VR plus other VR/AR broadened solution in various kit formats. Please contact RedboxVR for further details or visit our website www.redboxvr.co.uk
  • RedboxVR "all-in-one" VR Kits
    The "all-in-one" VR Kits are available as 3x / 8x / 15x / 30x bay solutions. Supplied in a rugged robust travel case providing all devices ready charged including teacher tablet and a built in router ready to go. Using Google Expeditions and other great add on software you can experience places you have never seen before. Come to B141 for full demonstration.
  • Maxcases Explorer Bag 2.0 11" / 14" Chromebook
    Maxcases Explorer Bag range 11" & 14" offer great all round protection for your Chromebook. Designed as a stay on case so device does not require to be removed to use providing full time protection. Come and see it to test out.
  • Maxcases Extreme-Folio for iPad 9.7"
    Maxcases Extreme Folio is a slimline rugged high protective but elegant looking case. Available for iPad 9.7" 2018 model with 9 different colours to choose from.
  • Maxcases Extreme-S iPad Rugged Case
    Extreme-S offers the highest impact protection to your iPad 9.7" devices. Built in screen protector and available in 4 flavours: Black / Red / Blue or Green. For iPad Mini 4 there is just Black available. Other iPad case solutions also available.
  • Parotec Wall & Floor Lockers
    Parotec offer a range of Wall fixed Cabinets and floor standing lockers that provide charge to many types of devices. *Shown is the L10 floor standing locker.
  • Parotec DL-10 Auto Docking Desktop Station
    The DL-10 offers easy Auto-Dock for your tablet device. Originally designed for the iPad with dedicated cases allowing easy management and charging. We can now offer bespoke build to adapt to other brands of Tablet devices on request. A new upgraded version to be showcased at BETT Show 2019
  • Parotec DU-16 Universal USB charge / sync HUB
    The DU-16 is available in two formats to manage USB charging devices. Charge Only or Charge & Sync. Using our intelligent charging system you can manage your devices safely and quickly. Perfect for the IT manager within a school.
  • StudyTask
    A web app for educational institutions that measures the students’ study load, coordinates teachers in real time to control the load and its distribution and diagnose homework overload causes. This is possible thanks to an optimal study task planner.
  • Parotec Mobile Management Cases for SEN
    SEN Mobile Rugged Secure Cases to manage devices within a tough cases such as the Gripcase or "KIDZ" cases. Designed to accommodate these specialised cases we provide unique solutions. Charge Only or Charge & Sync available housing devices of 8 or 16 x bay. Bespoke special build also available on request. *C10 for Gripcase 16x bay shown.
  • Parotec iNcharge / iNsync Mobile Cases : C692
    Parotec offer a wide range of Mobile Rugged Secure Cases to manage and securely store your mobile table devices 7"-11" display. Charge Only or Charge & Sync available housing devices from 10 x / 12x / 16 x / 24x & 30x bay options. Bespoke special build also available on request. *C692 10x bay shown.
  • Parotec iNcharge / iNsync Mobile Case solutions C81
    Parotec offer a wide range of Mobile Rugged Secure Cases to manage and securely store your mobile table devices 7"-11" display. Charge Only or Charge & Sync available housing devices from 10 x / 12x / 16 x / 24x & 30x bay options. Bespoke special build also available on request. *C81 16x bay shown.
  • Indota D12 Desktop Charging Station
    Indota D12 desktop offers USB charge / Sync for devices such as iPad or similar. Secure lockable unit and stackable if required.
  • Indota Mobile Cart T24
    Indota T24 Mobile Cart with 24 x bays. Charge Only for Mobile devices from 7" - 15.6" display.
  • Indota Mobile Cart T36
    Indota T36 Mobile Cart with 36 x bays. Charge Only for Mobile devices from 7" - 15.6" display. USB Charge & Sync option also available for likes of Tablet devices. 42 x Bay version also available.
  • Project Based Sets (Add-ons)
    Project Based Sets - Solar Power Climate change and global warming urge scientists to take action and save our planet by reducing carbon emissions. The sun can provide free energy for all of our needs, however, we need to convert it to a useful form. This set includes one 3V solar panel that powers an electrical motor, along with instructions for 16 solar powered models such as a chopper car, a fan, a plane, a robot and a winch crane. Conduct thorough experiments and discover: how do solar panels work; what factors affect a solar panel’s efficiency; how weather conditions affect solar power production. - Amusement Park Set In amusement parks, the main attractions are often the exciting, fast rides or the romantic, slow wheels that offer spectacular views from above. This set includes one geared motor to power four large-scale models of such rides: Ferris wheel, London Eye, merry-go-round and booster ride. Additionally, you can experiment with gears by building four smaller models such as a gearbox, an experimental crane, a carousel and a planetarium. Conduct thorough experiments and discover: how the gear’s diameter affects force and speed; how to calculate gear ratio even for complex assemblies; how to use gears to change the direction and plane of motion. - Architecture Set The Architecture Set demonstrates the ability of ENGINO® to build huge models of impressive size and style, appropriate for ages of 8+. Children discover different types of structures and build two oversized models of the Sydney Bridge and the Eiffel Tower! The set is completed with smaller size models including a cable-stayed bridge, suspension bridge, arch bridge, truss bridge and house from printed instructions booklet and online. Conduct thorough experiments and discover: how triangulation makes a structure stronger; what are the main types of forces acting on structures; how do trusses work; what are the major types of cable bridges.
  • STEM & Robotics Mini  6-9 years old
    Properly designed for Primary school students of ages 6-9. The set challenges students to seek new information to solve problems while constructing more than 60 STEM models. Further, the activities adhere the basic principles of robotics and resonate by moving on to more complex concepts of programming with the introduction of sensors, conditional statements and logic gates.
  • STEM & Robotics Produino  14+ years old
    Effectively teaching core subjects of STEM together with Robotics and Coding. Models are powered by the new advanced Produino controller. The innovation of Produino lies in its brain; which incorporates the open-source Arduino platform; while constructing reconfigurable robots. The Produino software is a blocky drag and drop interface, Scratch-like. It is compatible with Arduino, with the IDE (Integrated Development Environment) editor that is used for advanced text programming. The program can run on Android and iOs tablets, Mac, Windows, even Linux! The booklets included in this set, provide detailed explanations of the different scientific principles applied and incorporate innovative experimental activities for hands-on learning.
  • STEM & Robotics Pro   8-15 years old
    Designed for providing practical inquiry processes. Elevating students’ skills and knowledge ‘toolkit’, with more than 80 STEM building models. Combined with robotic parts, such as sensors, led modules, motors and 7-part controller, allows students to take part in activities using models and then moves forward to concepts including sensors, conditional statements and logic gates. The models of Automated House and Pedestrian Crossing harness students’ curiosity and learn all about automation and road safety.
  • SISRA Analytics
    Analytics is a web-based service which allows you to track and analyse your achievement data and pupil progress easily, quickly and accurately. Designed for use at KS3, KS4 and KS5, Analytics directly enhances the day-to-day working life of you and your colleagues with quick, simple uploads and easy-to-understand, in-depth analysis. The interactive and intuitive reports area provides information and insight to help to drive school performance and improvement. Available 24/7 from any internet-enabled device anywhere in the world, Analytics is trusted by over 1,600 schools in the UK and abroad for their performance data analysis.
  • Junior Robotics  5-8 years old
    Specially designed for Kindergarten and Primary school. Combining the core subjects of STEM together with Robotics; is the right way to start developing students’ motor skills. Activities begin with the captivating adventurous story of a hero, Alex, to construct 8 dedicated STEM models. Then, basic principles of robotics and programming are introduced with the use of sensor, led module, motor and controller.
  • STEM Qboidz  3-6 years old
    This set encourages early learning, exploiting young ones’ natural curiosity about the world. Provides more than 90 activities from favourite themes, such as Animal Kingdom, Vehicles, Aviation and Technology. Building big, colourful and stable models, manipulating the 3D app, taking part in educating activities; helps Preschool children develop their cognitive social skills through fun and creative play!
  • SISRA Observe
    Observe is a web-based service where you can record any type of observation, self-evaluation, CPD and appraisal all in one place, increasing consistency and greatly reducing administration time. Analysis is done for you and presented in easy-to-understand charts and tables, so you can track performance over time and ensure that support is being delivered to the right people at the right time. You can even include line management meeting minutes, pupil voice, Lesson Study and action research. Accessible 24/7 from any internet connected device, the service is completely bespoke to each school and supports any approach to quality assurance. Designed to be used in Primary, Secondary, and All-through schools, SISRA Observe provides staff at all levels with an up-to-date picture of teaching and learning at their fingertips.
  • Tablet Control
    Your existing system can be modified to control sound and lighting via a tablet in your theatre, drama studio or even your swimming pool
  • Padcaster
    The Padcaster is the perfect product for classroom instruction, school productions and concerts, announcements and sporting events, shooting professional quality videos, digital storytelling, news and journalism, and much more.
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