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23 - 26 January 2019
ExCel London

Bett 2019 Product List

  • STEM & Robotics Pro   8-15 years old
    Designed for providing practical inquiry processes. Elevating students’ skills and knowledge ‘toolkit’, with more than 80 STEM building models. Combined with robotic parts, such as sensors, led modules, motors and 7-part controller, allows students to take part in activities using models and then moves forward to concepts including sensors, conditional statements and logic gates. The models of Automated House and Pedestrian Crossing harness students’ curiosity and learn all about automation and road safety.
  • SISRA Analytics
    Analytics is a web-based service which allows you to track and analyse your achievement data and pupil progress easily, quickly and accurately. Designed for use at KS3, KS4 and KS5, Analytics directly enhances the day-to-day working life of you and your colleagues with quick, simple uploads and easy-to-understand, in-depth analysis. The interactive and intuitive reports area provides information and insight to help to drive school performance and improvement. Available 24/7 from any internet-enabled device anywhere in the world, Analytics is trusted by over 1,600 schools in the UK and abroad for their performance data analysis.
  • Junior Robotics  5-8 years old
    Specially designed for Kindergarten and Primary school. Combining the core subjects of STEM together with Robotics; is the right way to start developing students’ motor skills. Activities begin with the captivating adventurous story of a hero, Alex, to construct 8 dedicated STEM models. Then, basic principles of robotics and programming are introduced with the use of sensor, led module, motor and controller.
  • STEM Qboidz  3-6 years old
    This set encourages early learning, exploiting young ones’ natural curiosity about the world. Provides more than 90 activities from favourite themes, such as Animal Kingdom, Vehicles, Aviation and Technology. Building big, colourful and stable models, manipulating the 3D app, taking part in educating activities; helps Preschool children develop their cognitive social skills through fun and creative play!
  • SISRA Observe
    Observe is a web-based service where you can record any type of observation, self-evaluation, CPD and appraisal all in one place, increasing consistency and greatly reducing administration time. Analysis is done for you and presented in easy-to-understand charts and tables, so you can track performance over time and ensure that support is being delivered to the right people at the right time. You can even include line management meeting minutes, pupil voice, Lesson Study and action research. Accessible 24/7 from any internet connected device, the service is completely bespoke to each school and supports any approach to quality assurance. Designed to be used in Primary, Secondary, and All-through schools, SISRA Observe provides staff at all levels with an up-to-date picture of teaching and learning at their fingertips.
  • Tablet Control
    Your existing system can be modified to control sound and lighting via a tablet in your theatre, drama studio or even your swimming pool
  • Padcaster
    The Padcaster is the perfect product for classroom instruction, school productions and concerts, announcements and sporting events, shooting professional quality videos, digital storytelling, news and journalism, and much more.
  • DOBOT AI-Starter
    Born for artificial intelligence learning, AI-Starter is an entry-level educational robot platform and an integrated robot learning suite integrating mechanism, electronic and programming. AI-Starter is compatible with Arduino motherboard. It has rich sensor modules, which can realize interesting functions such as patrol line and obstacle avoidance. It combines teaching and fun, which can enhance children's interest in learning robots.AI-Starter supports graphical programming. Children can easily get access to programming knowledge through simple drag and drop, thus to develop their logical thinking ability and train them to become the front runners in the era of artificial intelligence. Start your artificial intelligence learning with AI-Starter.
    DOBOT MOOZ, the industrial grade transformable metallic 3D printer, which takes all-in-one design with interchangeable heads for 3D printing, laser engraving and CNC carving. The industrial grade linear guideway, stepper motor and CNC-machined body keeps MOOZ stable and 0.02mm high precision. Quick assembly, protective case, easy-to-use controller, and intuitive guide make MOOZ suitable for beginners, makers and educators. DOBOT MOOZ has won the iF DESIGN AWARD 2018 for the innovative design and multiple functions. Creating your vivid life with MOOZ from now!
  • DOBOT Magician
    DOBOT Magician is a multifunctional desktop robotic arm for practical training education. Installed with different end-tools, DOBOT Magician can realize interesting functions such as 3D printing, laser engraving, writing and drawing. It supports secondary development by 13 extensible interfaces and over 20 programming languages, which really makes your creativity and imagination increase without any limitation. As the good performance both in hardware design and software application, DOBOT Magician has won the CES 2018 Innovation Award and iF DESIGN AWARD 2018.
  • Gomer Robot
    Gomer, a programmable AI robot. It boast the advanced AI & soft robotics technology, can recognize your face, specific pattern, your expression etc. In addition, it is the world's first educaitonal and entertainment robot with a soft hand, which is just like a human hand that it can grab fragile objects, such as picking up an egg or a piece of paper. And also can grab some hard objects such as drinks. Besides, it can be programming by draging and droping modules to design your own program.
  • The Coding License
    KUBO comes with FREE lesson plans and beautifully illustrated task cards for your students to use with their KUBO Coding packs. The Coding License provides up to 400 minutes of activities that take students from simple to advanced levels of programming. View or download at http://KUBO.education
  • Explorify
    Free digital resource for primary school teachers. Simple, easy to use and easy to access activities to spark curiosity, develop thinking skills, and enhance your science teaching.
  • KUBO Coding Single Set
    Available as a single set or 4-pack. This screen-free, hands on solution provides everything you need to teach coding and computational thinking to children from four to 10 years. Your KUBO Single Set includes: One robot, One Coding TagTile® Set with 46 TagTiles One USB charging cable, One Activity Map and a blank map template for you to create your own challenges
  • KUBO Coding+ 4-Pack
    Boost your students’ coding expertise with this super NEW 4-Pack assortment of 36 additional TagTIles® to use with your KUBO Coding sets. These tiles allow control of time, speed, distance and direction. There are Coding+ License lesson plans, video tutorials and a Quick Start Guide, free to view or download at KUBO.education. Included in each set: 1x each Wait 2, 5 and 10 seconds tiles, 1x each Go Slow, Go Medium or Go High Speed tiles 4x Go Back and 2x U-turn tile 2x each Go Forward 2x, 3x or 4x tiles 2x each Turn 90 and 1x each Turn 180 degrees, left and right Additional Function tiles, making the way for teamwork and team challenges.
  • KUBO Coding 4-pack
    Take your students from simple to advanced levels of programming: Your KUBO Coding 4-Pack includes: 4x robots 4x Coding TagTile® sets each with 46 TagTiles® 5x activity maps and one blank map template for students to create their own challenges A multi-charger box that allows you to recharge up to 5x robots in just two hours for four hours usage
  • TeacherPortfolio
    TeacherPortfolio is an online platform giving educational professionals the tools they need to showcase their teaching style, document classroom evidence and track professional development. Designed with education in mind, TeacherPortfolio works across classrooms and schools to connect today’s professionals and inspire tomorrow’s learning.
  • CERTWOOD Trays Unique Ticket Window and Free Printed Labels.
    Unique snap in front Ticket Window option with free printed label cards, available on all tray sizes.
  • CERTWOOD Shatterproof Trays
    Quad, Triple, Double and Single depths with an extra wide option in double or single depths. In Primary Colours, Pastel Shades and Crystal Clear or Tinted Colour options, the choice is yours......
  • CERTWOOD Crystal Clear and Tinted Trays
    CERTWOOD Crystal Clear and Tinted Trays, made from ABS are virtually indestructable. Tough stuff from CERTWOOD. The colour choice is yours......
  • CERTWOOD Storsystem multistorage mobile tray carts.
    CERTWOOD Storsystem mobile carts, with 4 tray depths and 2 widths in a selection of Primary Colours, Pastel Shades and Crystal Clear and Tinted the choice is yours......
  • CERTWOOD StorSystem Multi Tray Unit
    Fits up to 54 single depth trays or a combination of depths, as shown. With a choice of primary colours, pastel colours or Crystal clear or tinted trays, the choice is yours......
  • Twin Software Module
    The Twin software module is an Arduino-based development board that allows for Twin modules to be programmed as well as other electronic components that one might connect with it. The system allows for both block coding and text-based coding, aiming to both teach the basics of coding as well as developing the skills of those who already know it.
  • Yap Books
    Yap is a learning platform where stories come to life with the use of voice technology. Yap’s multi-sensory and child-centred approach captivates each of the senses, ensuring the learning experience is engaging and memorable. Yap also analyses reading activity, helping monitor progress, implement inventions and facilitate speech and language development.​
  • Twin Discovery Set
    The Discovery Set is the advanced TWIN kit. It is recommended for children who are already interested in robotics. The kit contains 25 magnetically connected modules and 25 sample experiments. After discovering Twin, the user can create an infinite number of projects using their creativity. Available in English, Italian, Arabic, and Turkish. A Braille version is also available.
  • Twin Basic Set
    The Basic Set is the introductory Twin product. It is recommended for children who have just started learning about robotics. The kit contains 11 magnetically connected modules and 15 sample experiments. After discovering Twin, the user can create an infinite number of projects using their creativity. Available in English, Italian, Arabic, and Turkish. A Braille version is also available.
  • NUSHU, Earthling News in 3D
    NUSHU is an up to date media service with AR, a storytelling adventure that is very engaging. It combines comic strips with Augmented Reality interactions (dialogues with the character and games). It's a series of adventures aiming to help students (8 to 12 years old) develop critical thinking about news and global issues. It challenges stereotypes through an alien character and connects the world with the curriculum with a cross-curricular proposal of activities in teaching guides. International recognition for its quality and innovation (Google and HundrED) and certified according to Finnish standards.
  • City & Guilds Assured
    Having recently being awarded City & Guilds Assured status, all successful candidates will receive a co-branded digital certificate and badge to showcase on their social media profiles, CVs and job applications.
  • Genee Registrar Visitor Management System
    Security and accountability are imperative within Education environments, Genee World’s Registrar Visitor Management System provides a simple to use sign-in solution with Photo Capture, Barcode Scanning and Visitor Label Printing. Allowing visitors and staff to easily sign in and out of a premises. The Genee Registrar system allows you to track the comings and goings of students. The Student module is geared around keeping every child safe and secure to give you complete piece of mind over pupil whereabouts. We integrate with all the leading MIS providers to ensure that your sign in identity information is always up to date. New year groups are automatically added at the start of the year and when new staff and students are added to your MIS, they are instantly added to the Registrar, making time consuming manual updates a thing of the past.
  • Genee Deluxe Interactive Touchscreen
    The fundamental difference between the Genee Classic and the Genee Deluxe is the addition of the included android. The android allows integration of Apps through the Genee App Store. All Genee Deluxe touchscreens come complete with Android so no PC is required. Operating systems are upgradable with our simple ‘plug and play’ i5 or i7 devices that simply slide into the back of your screen. All of Genee’s G-Touch interactive touchscreens come with downloadable SPARK II software and a 1 Year License of Project Flow software.
  • Genee Classic Interactive Touchscreen
    The G-Touch Range provides teachers with an array of collaborative teaching opportunities. It is ideal for use in a Nursery or Primary School. The slimline, lightweight design of the G-Touch Classic makes it ideal for use with a portable stand, and teachers benefit from the flexibility of uses. With 10-point touch technology, the G-Touch Classroom Range provide teachers with an array of collaborative teaching opportunities. To ensure you get the best out of our screens we give you free downloadable SPARK II software and a 1 Year License of Project Flow software.
  • Genee Visualisers
    With Genee Visualisers you can make a strong impact on your audience, adding visual content to enhance your presentation by showing your content on a larger scale - in fine detail. A key use for Visualisers is to bring student work into lessons for peer led assessment, show and tell and discussion through collaboration. Genee’s Visualisers integrate seamlessly with our SPARK II lesson software, enabling teachers to demonstrate and interact with students in real-time; which allows teachers to create lessons that are infinitely more engaging.
  • Genee Tilt & Touch Table
    Genee's Tilt & Touch table range is a great addition to any nursery or Key Stage 1, Key Stage 2 or SEN classroom with the objective of engaging children using educational gaming software to inspire learning. The robust steel table frame includes a built-in PC, meaning teachers are simply one touch away from transforming the classroom into a collaborative learning environment. G-Safe is included as standard and is our unique approach to ensuring student safety whilst using the device. G-Safe locks the system down to prevent accidental and malicious misuse of the computer system and keeps students within a safe, sandbox environment that can be fully controlled by the teacher. The range includes our award winning 32" Early Years Tilt & Touch Table, the 42" Height Adjustable Tilt & Touch Table and the 42" Junior Tilt & Touch Table.
  • Spark II Presentation Software
    Spark II offers a completely revolutionary means for teachers to facilitate student engagement, collaboration and interaction. The infinite canvas area means that linear presentations that must follow a pre-defined journey through a series of slides are a thing of the past. With an easy-to-use interface and streamlined icons, simply drop in the content that is required – including videos, web pages, images, and more. Connect a Visualiser to display static images – for instance documents – or dynamic content such as a science experiment. Included with all Genee Interactive Touchscreens
  • Project Flow Software
    Project Flow is a cloud-based lesson delivery tool like no other, allowing presentations, activities, questions and work to be sent directly to student devices. It offers automated differentiation and instant feedback on student performance to the teacher. Teachers need to ensure that all students are performing to the best of their abilities and that lesson content is targeted to students’ individual needs and learning styles. Not only that, but ensuring that students have understood all concepts before moving onto the next is crucial to embed the learning. If the class contains individuals who have not fully grasped a particular concept, teachers need to be able to dedicate time to assisting and helping these students. With Genee’s Project Flow lesson management software, all those needs and more – are met through a range of key features including automatic differentiation, informed responsiveness and dynamic updates to your pre-defined groups.
  • Genee 4K interactive Touchscreen
    The stunning 4K G-Touch Touchscreen range provides the highest quality images available and provides users with ultra-high-definition quality. It has been designed with an eye to the future in mind and offers front-facing speakers, 10-point touch and ease of use with the simple front-facing and side-facing buttons and connection ports which allow for any device to be connected to the G-Touch easily. With the crisp presentation display, it comes complete with an Android operating system. All of Genee’s 4K screens come with downloadable SPARK II software and a 1 Year License of Project Flow or CubeShare software.
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