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22 - 25 January 2020
ExCel London

Bett 2019 Product List

  • Magik Play STEM learning
    Magik Play is an innovative and entertaining set of games for kids that stimulates physical and mental skills by promoting the handling of real wooden blocks to complete each challenge.
  • Bookr Class - Progress Monitoring
    Our administration system allows teachers to refer books, assign homework and examine data about the students’ and classroom’s performance.
  • BOOKR Class app - Flashcards
    Over 2500 practical expressions with explanatory illustrations to learn everyday vocabulary.
  • BOOKR Class app - Educational games
    Interactive games, flashcards and collectible awards help improving vocabulary, language production, communicative skills as well as pronunciation.
  • BOOKR Class app - Books
    With nursery rhymes, classic and modern literature, cultural insights and situational exercises, our solution approaches today’s kids in their most natural environment: the digital world.
  • BOOKR Class application features
    BOOKR Class is the ultimate platform serving as a complementary tool to facilitate learning English as a second language - an entertaining and easy-touse gamified library application filled with more than 100 interactive e-books for 3-14-year-old children, coupled with a tailored administration system for teachers. All in one digital solution.
  • Mangahigh Coding
    Unlock creativity by laying a solid foundation in coding literacy
  • Mangahigh Maths
    Mangahigh Maths is a personalised digital learning resource created by teachers for teachers, to support classroom learning through individual learning paths and highly-engaging content.
  • Computer Devices for Schools
    NS Optimum supply and support a wide range of computer devices for schools ranging from admin PC's, staff and pupil laptops, chromebooks, iPads and ICT suite computers. Please contact NS Optimum on 01926 745608 or email sales@nsoptimum.co.uk to get special bid pricing on computer devices for your school.
  • The A-Level Maths App
    MathSpire gives students the resources to master A-level maths. Our app combines expert videos, intelligent questions, and interactive graphs, to make hard concepts engaging and easy to understand.
  • Interactive LED Screens
    NS Optimum work with the top manufacturers of interactive LED screens to provide schools with the best prices and quality in-house installation service. BENQ, Clevertouch, Smart, Promethean, Sharp, Ctouch, Avocor and many more. Call NS Optimum on 01926 745608 or email sales@nsoptimum.co.uk to discuss your schools interactive LED screen requirements.
  • School Tech Support Services
    NS Optimum provide a range of technical support services to suit your school or multi-academy trust. - emergency remote and onsite support - regular onsite technicians - apprentice technicians - helpdesk support and ticket systems - full managed service Call NS Optimum on 01926 745608 or email sales@nsoptimum.co.uk to discuss your school technical support requirements.
  • School Cloud Networks & Office 365
    NS Optimum will design, install and support your schools complete cloud network with hosted server for local AD and group policies and Microsoft Office 365 cloud folders and shared areas - giving you more control of your network with much less hassle in running it. Speak to NS Optimum on 01926 745608 or email sales@nsoptimum.co.uk
    This set contains everything you need to start teaching STEM and computer science using the exciting LEGO® MINDSTORMS® Education EV3 concept. It offers full teacher support, including STEM and computing teaching materials, and a comprehensive eLearning program. The system includes the Intelligent EV3 Brick, a compact and powerful programmable computer that makes it possible to control motors and collect sensor feedback using the intuitive icon-based programming and data logging software that is delivered with the set. The set is delivered in a sturdy storage bin with a sorting tray, three servo Motors, five sensors (gyro, ultrasonic, colour, and 2x touch), a rechargeable battery, connecting cables, and building instructions.
    CPOMS is for monitoring child protection, safeguarding, SEND, pastoral and welfare issues. Staff receive levels of access to match their involvement with the relevant concerns. Schools can ensure students are safe and supported, whilst safeguarding leads and other staff can focus on teaching and providing support, instead of administration.
  • Aproshe Editor
    Aproshe Editor is an Interactive PDF and HTML5 Authoring Software that makes it easy to add useful objects such as images, videos, audios, animations, and other interactive features directly on existing PDF documents. You may use Interactive PDF with our viewer applications or convert them in HTML5.
  • BigClown Educational Kit
    Plug & Make IoT Kits supported by learning resources enabling to build real products for the real world.
  • LEAP
    LEAP is a unique student leadership programme that enables older pupils to take responsibility for mentoring, training and supporting younger pupils
  • XLR8 Holiday Courses
    XLR8 is a high quality educational programme that provides extra academic, social and pastoral support for all pupils during school holiday periods.
  • Project HE:RO
    Project HE:RO uses Health Mentors to improve the attendance, behaviour and achievement of vulnerable and disengaged primary school pupils
  • MOL NET+
    MOL NET+ is a cloud-based application for school libraries. System enables libraries to seamlessly handle cataloguing, acquisition and circulation of all types of library resources. 94% of users recommend our system to other librarians ((according to survey conducted in 2018). MOL NET+ is available on mobiles.
  • The SR2 Package
    The SR2 expands upon the SR1 by adding an extra microphone, more functionality, a more flexible mixing desk and all housed in smart, modern woodwork ideal for group discussion. The package includes the D&R Airlite mixer, which features built in ‘Skype’ support and ‘Favourite’ buttons for playing audio in Myriad. You also get three condenser microphones on articulated arms as well as three sets of headphones. The larger mixer also offers a number of features and expansion options. The SR1 also includes a four audio channel playout PC complete with 22" touchscreen, pre-loaded with Myriad Playout LT and Myriad AutoPlay giving all the tools you need to run your School Radio station. Finally, you get onsite installation & training, 12 months support and 12 months streaming at no additional charge.
  • The SR1 Package
    Designed as an ideal starting point, the SR1 concentrates on the core components to provide the best possible School Radio solution at an attractive price. The package includes the D&R Webstation mixer, which features built in ‘Skype’ support and ‘Favourite’ buttons for playing audio in Myriad. You also get two condenser microphones on articulated arms as well as two sets of headphones. Everything is mounted on a stylish, modern wooden desktop. The SR1 also includes a three audio channel playout PC complete with 22" touchscreen, pre-loaded with Myriad Playout LT and Myriad AutoPlay giving all the tools you need to run your School Radio station. This package also includes onsite installation & training (mainland UK only), 12 months support and 12 months streaming at no additional charge.
  • Tassomai
    Tassomai helps GCSE science students to improve their grades, while also saving teachers time. Tassomai’s multiple choice micro-quizzes reinforce knowledge through targeted repetition, like a flashcard. At the same time the algorithm is learning each student’s strengths and weaknesses; it uses this information to target the gaps in a student’s knowledge and provide feedback to teachers on which areas individuals and entire classes need help with. This means that Tassomai saves teachers time in two ways; it teaches AO1s, while also reducing the time they need to spend analysing their students, meaning they can focus on teaching and targeting intervention. Although Tassomai’s unique algorithm focuses on a student’s weaknesses, it will not ignore their stronger topics, meaning that students benefit from both interleaving and spacing. All of Tassomai’s content is written by science graduates and teachers, and every topic and theme is directly matched to the specification. In 2017, 90% of students that used Tassomai regularly (completing 80% of the program) achieved C or above in their GCSE science exams… and 50% of them got an A or A*.
  • School apps
    Customised mobile apps for schools to streamline communication and engage more efficiently with parents, whilst saving internal time and cost.
  • PC Bundles
    Intel Core-i5 bundles; Includes; Base Unit, Desktop Monitor, Keyboard&Mouse
  • Desktop Monitors
    HP and Dell Monitors. All sizes available
  • Laptops and Chromebooks
    HP Elitebook, Dell Latitude, Lenovo ThinkPad and Chromebooks. Available from £130
  • Desktop Computers
    HP Elitedesk, Dell Optiplex and Lenovo Thinkcentre. Prices from as little as £110
  • eduMedia-Sciences Secondary
    The largest repository of STEM interactive simulations and videos. Everything is Fullweb. eduMedia Studio provides an amazing Video Capture tool to let you create and share your own resources. eduMedia is available in 8 languages including Russian, Arabic, Spanish, French, Turkish, Dutch, German and English
  • eduMedia Elementary
    The largest catalog of online simulations for Elementary School teachers, in Math and Science
  • LabBox Home Box
    What is LabBox? Labbox is a toolkit - a series of boxes that contain stories and electronic building blocks to enable you to build projects and toys. Every Labbox contains a set of electronics, cardboard and a story laid out in Comic books for you to explore the solutions, and learn STEM skills. Electronics are designed with the philosofy of learning from mistakes, where every electronic building block has indicators that guide you to understand what is happening in your design. Our goal is to present the process of problem solving as one that is fun, adventurous and inviting to everybody. Lets have a try! We are only getting started! #labboxEdu Mic drop
  • ClickView TV & Exchange
    Add current and relevant TV content into your lessons. ClickView TV gives you access to TV recordings from Freeview and European satellite channels. Browse the best educational TV programmes contributed by educational institutes and the BBC RES Archive over the last 10 years.
  • ClickView Interactive Videos
    Encourage students to engage more deeply with content with ClickView Interactive Videos. Add a variety of questions types into any video to help students recall, apply and analyse concepts and demonstrate understanding of content. Built in analytics tools provide insight into student progress. ClickView Interactive Videos can be accessed anywhere enabling learning beyond the classroom. Use interactive videos to consolidate learning or pre-teach content and open up class time to apply concepts.
  • Educational video libraries
    ClickView is the world’s leading producer of educational videos. Our team of educators produce content from Primary, Secondary right through to Further and Higher Education. We work with educators to deliver content that matches your teaching needs.
  • BluPoint offline solar powered content server
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