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23 - 26 January 2019
ExCel London

Bett 2019 Product List

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  • UniversityiP
    UniversityiP manages staff appraisals on-line, recording evidence and the ongoing professional dialogue between staff. Monitoring is completed directly within the software using tablets or laptops to record lesson observations, learning walks and work scrutiny.
  • UR7 Digital Studio Package
    Our ultimate School Radio studio package includes a wide range of premium features and equipment designed to directly mimic a professional radio studio, indeed, UR7’s are used in a number of stations around the world. The UR7 features a split digital mixing console coupled with the latest Myriad systems and dual SmartSigns to keep your presenters and guests informed. The unique UR7 woodwork has been designed with talk based radio in mind with the presenter positions have ‘face to face’ access to the presenters at all times. Everything about the UR7 screams quality from the premium microphone arms to the compact equipment pod complete with mood lighting. If you want to create a School Radio studio that any radio station would be proud of and have access to professional equipment and tools to allow you to deliver industry grade radio courses, the UR7 is the School Radio package for you. • Split digital mixing desk. • Traditional style UR7 woodwork. • Myriad touchscreen playout system. • Premium microphones, mic arms, speakers and headphones. • Presenter and guest position SmartSigns. • Mood lighting in equipment pod.
  • UR4 Fixed Studio Package
    If you are looking for a studio that combines high impact with visuals with an extremely flexible layout perfectly suited for speech based content, the UR4 ideal for you. The UR4 features substantial, traditionally finished studio furniture arranged in a practical 'L' shape which allows for presenters and guests to be arrange comfortable around the studio. SRM - 9 Channel Broadcast Mixer Built In Telephone* & VoIP (Skype) Interface Large ‘L’ Shaped Traditional Studio Furniture 1 x Myriad Studio Software Licenses 1 x Myriad AutoPlay Software License Rack Playout PC (inc 4 channel soundcard) K500 Myriad Control Keyboard 22" Touch Screen (on monitor arm) 1 x Presenter Microphone 3 x Guest Microphones 4 x Articulated Arm 4 x Headphones Stereo Speakers 22" SmartSign (on monitor arm) Audio Compressor (for output) 12 Months Technical Support At the heart of the UR4 is our very own SRMv2 broadcast mixer which is designed to be easy to use whilst still offering advanced features. The new v2 SRM now sports a cool black 'brushed metal' finish and a dedicated VoIP (Skype) channel as well as all advanced Myriad integration, built in traditional telephone interface, headphone limiting and more. The UR4 also includes a full Myriad 5 Studio License and touchscreen interface. This latest version of the industry standard broadcast software features a wide range of exciting new features that will make producing and delivering radio a breeze. The included playout PC is rack mounted to ensure it is well protected. There is also a SmartSign included which displays the time and status of all four of the included microphones. You also get four sets of headphones, a pair of speakers and an audio compressor.
  • UARO
    3-5 years old toddlers can make their own robots with safe and easy to use NUTS and BOLTS! Also, UARO has a variety of sensors, motors and CPU so they can build robots that move, make dazzling light displays and even sing!
    UV540 series camera is professional conferencing camera with elegant and compact design for huddle and conference rooms, educational training rooms, house of worship and etc. that require a wide angle of view.UV540 is an affordable, enterprise level HD PTZ camera optimized to deliver an exceptional video communication experience.
    UV510A Series camera is professional A/V presentation and conferencing camera with superior performance and rich video interfaces. It is compatible with all of your favorite video conferencing apps, Cloud Services and audio systems. Simultaneous HDMI, 3G-SDI, and IP (H.264/H.265) streaming or USB2.0 / USB3.0 streaming. Recommended for conference rooms, training rooms, and classrooms that require a wide angle of view.
    UV100T educational auto-tracking camera is built in with high speed processor, advanced ISP technologies and analysis algorithms to track lecturers and teachers accurately and quickly, which is in line with the requirements of lecture capture and distance learning. Auto-tracking cameras follow and focus on the person speaking, facilitating easy collaboration since participants can clearly see expressions and body language on the screen. Auto-tracking camera is the future of distance Learning.
  • uHandy Mobile Microscope Duet
    uHandy Duet extends your vision from low to high: Lo-Mag Lens for the whole picture, and Hi-Mag Lens for further details. Here are the key features: 1. It’s focus free. 2. Preparing specimens is just a soft touch of the uHandy Sample Stickers. 3. It magnifies things up to 1,000X (tablet dependent), so even a mite can be clearly presented in detail. 4. Living beings are observable and recordable as videos. 5. The uHandy App quantifies your discoveries in size, area, and counts.
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