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22 - 25 January 2020
ExCel London

Bett 2019 Product List

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  • ReadingWise Decoding
    Evidence-based and personalised, our Decoding programme boosts reading ages by an average of over 9 months in under 20 hours! The programme empowers your teaching assistants to work with 10 children at a time, meaning you can reach large numbers of pupils who need a reading boost.
  • ReadingWise Comprehension
    For learners in years 5, 6 and 7, ReadingWise Comprehension is highly innovative. Drawing on research such as the York Reading for Meaning project, it explicitly teaches strategies and captures readers' imaginations through The Red Stone of Calcutta!
  • Rugged Optical Computer Mouse USB Black Braided Cable
    3D optical scroll mouse built with a braided cable to prevent damage from chair wheels etc or (even “being chewed”) The mouse can be configured for Left Hand users through the control panel of the computer the mouse is being used with. USB cabled connection. Black body with opaque insert and plastic scroll wheel surround that glows slightly when in use. Perfect for long-lasting educational use Rating: 5V ---100mA.
  • Responsive, personalised Online maths, English & reading programmes for 5 to 16 year children
    Our unique system creates personalised learning programmes in maths, English and reading, tailored for each individual student, constantly adjusting them, based on learning demonstrated by the student. It is used in both schools and at home, the highly flexible programmes suit many ages and are also suitable for dyslexic students. Our system has many global curriculum templates and can create new ones very quickly to suit new requirements.
  • Robust and Super Flexible Headphones
    Robust, bendy and virtually indestructible headphones are essential for the classroom
  • Robust Unbreakable Headphones (almost)
    These robust headphones were developed by Hills Components, (who have now ceased trading), we are proud to be the NEW home of these excellent headphones
  • Rapidmooc Studio
    Rapidmooc Studio lets anyone make professional quality videos in minutes with no specialist skills or post-production needed. Rapidmooc studios have been purchased by over 100 companies and leading universities to create e-learning, knowledge management, internal communications and media training videos.
  • Redcat Access
    All-in-one classroom audio system with a flat-panel speaker design and wireless teacher microphone to deliver highly intelligible speech everywhere in the room.
  • ReadSpeaker WebReader
    Online content instantly converted to audio with ReadSpeaker webReader’s synthetic speech. Integrated reading and translation tools allow everyone to read and understand your digital content. Make your content available to a larger population of Internet users, such as those with literacy difficulties, learning disabilities, reduced vision, language learners, the growing elderly population, and anyone else looking for a simpler way to access digital content on the go. Just one click, and the text on a page is simultaneously read aloud and highlighted so users can easily follow along, regardless of device or where the user may be. Floating Listen button, player, and toolbar stay visible when scrolling down on a page and can be conveniently repositioned by user. With natural, lifelike voices and a vast selection of languages, your content comes alive, transforming the visitor’s experience on your website. A cloud-based (SaaS) speech solution means no downloads necessary.
  • Read&Write
    Our award-winning assistive technology solutions help students of all ages with reading, writing and literacy in class, exams and at home. Used daily by millions of young people around the world, Read&Write literacy support software makes the web and documents more accessible for reluctant readers, individuals with dyslexia and other learning difficulties, as well as students whose first language isn't English.
    ROBOTIS GP is a high-performance humanoid robot geared for racing, soccer, fighting, and other competitive activities.
    ROBOTIS PREMIUM is the most famous Do-It-Yourself robot. This kit can be used for school projects as well as advanced robot projects.
    ROBOTIS STEM is geared for a secondary-school robotics curriculum. It introduces programming and other STEM concepts.
    ROBOTIS MINI is an adorable humanoid robot. You can program its motions with downloadable R+ Task and R+ Motion software. You can also control the robot via smart device by downloading the ROBOTIS MINI app.
    ROBOTIS DREAM is an entry level robotics kit optimized for learning and teaching robotics. ROBOTIS DREAM helps you understand not only the principle of movement, but also speed and force, principle of a leverage, elasticity and inertia.
    ROBOTIS PLAY is a motorized, reconfigurable education toy that motivates children.
  • Rich text editors
    Easy to implement online writing tools. Powerful and fully customizable structure of CKEditor 4 and CKEditor 5 will provide any rich-text editing solution imaginable for any web application. Join the likes of millions of approving global users and discover the vast number of editing features.
  • Remote Control Aerial Vehicles Book
    Remote Control Aerial Vehicles book is based on the concepts of modern aviation. Building an aircraft and operating it successfully are the purposes of the book. It is suitable for 9-12th graders and follows the syllabus of “Model Air Vehicles” elective course developed by Bahcesehir High School of Science and Technology teachers and students with the support of Bahcesehir University academicians. Via this book and the related class, students gain the chance to use their physics, electronics, mathematics, and aerospace engineering knowledge learned through STEM education by both designing and operating the model vehicle.
  • Remote Controls
    We can supply pretty much every type of remote control, not just for projectors. If you can't find what you are looking for please contact us.
  • ReviveIT
    When IT assets reach the end of their working life for your organisation, it doesn’t have to mean disposal. Our ReviveIT process offers organisations a high security service to data wipe, refurbish and remarket used IT assets, returning residual value to our clients.
  • Realidad Virtual
    The most advanced online course to improve your communication skills. Improve your public communication skills in a totally personalized and simple course.
  • Robobo classroom pack
    This is a classroom pack designed for students between 10 and 18 years old, that may be organized in groups of 4-5 members, each one using a Robobo unit. It includes 4 single Robobo units and private access to the Robobo educational portal where you will have a complete set of STEAM teaching units that guide any teacher to introduce autonomous robotics to students following a project-based methodology. Learning activities for students are also included. Moreover, this pack includes a set of 3D printed accessories and all the CAD files of new accessories we have created that improve the learning experience, and that can be customized by students.
  • Robobo unit
    Robobo combines a simple mobile base with your smartphone to create the next generation of educational robots. The Robobo base is the body while your smartphone is the brain. Current smartphones contain the latest technology in terms of sensors, processor and communication capabilities, and together with the mobility, low level sensing, and gestural capabilities provided by the base, Robobo becomes the optimal tool to start learning autonomous robotics an artificial intelligence.
  • Raft Making Kit
    The Raft Making Kit is a hands-on problem solving activity for children to develop their design and imagination skills! Test and iterate their creations in the bath or sink. Then take it all apart and build something else!
  • Robobricks : Let your hands do the thinking
    An entry level DIY kit !
  • Robobricks : Making & Coding - Simplified !
    Welcoming children to the world of screen free coding & robotics !
  • Robobricks : Bringing your creations to life
    An entry level construction toy !
  • Robobricks : Inspiring imagination !
    Bring your Duplo® | Morphun® | Lego® bricks to Life !
  • Rocín - Español en acción
    Spanish as a foreign language. Young generations find on technology the best way to learn. Rocín engages the pupils with the Spanish culture following stories on Google Earth; making oral and writing productions while they read and listening fun and exciting stories around the world. Rocín is aligned with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, developing skills on A1, A2, B1, B2 and C1 levels. Using a Collaborative Learning Environment pupils interact with virtual content and teachers follow their progress and use it on classroom. Rocín is structured with several listening, writing, reading interactive activities and speaking assignments to provide the teacher with the best way to asses and follow personalized skills. Rocín allows the teacher to know each student progress , to give personalized student feedback, and to leave assessment and assignment throughout their participation in the course. Rocín is designed and supported by mpl, a specialist in eLearning solutions with more than thirteen years of experience. The platform is powered by Sakai, which is the most LMS implemented by the best ranked universities and colleges around the world. All this infraestructure is implemented on Amazon Web Services.
    Robo Kit is an educational robot kit to foster the next generation of technology leaders. What is the key education for he future leaders? It is CODING! Robo Kit is designed for coding education with ROBOTICS because we believe ROBOTICS is the best way to help kids understand how programming and electronics work.
    Robo Kids is meant to introduce kids to the most helpful STEAM toy which teaches the basics of coding and robotics in a fun and easy way. Robo Kids, an electronic kit, includes sensors, motors and bricks that are compatible with LEGO blocks. In addition, 100 paper cards come up with activities to put kids' critical thinking and problem solving skills to the test without a table or PC
  • Room Booking System
    The market leading Room Booking System is specifically designed for schools to manage the booking of rooms & resources during the school day and invoice hirers for lettings after the school day. We integrate nicely with the school management system to sync the timetable, room closures and teacher cover.
  • Ryefield Primary School
    Website Design
  • ResourcEd : Blog for UK educators and education leaders
    With unique insight into the current benefits of edtech — and what the future of technology in education might look like — ResourcEd keeps you and your staff ahead of the curve. https://resourced.prometheanworld.com
  • Room Booking
    CELCAT’s room booking solution provides staff and students with an easy-to-use, wizard style application for requesting and booking rooms whilst permitting administrators control of the process and thus of space. Now you can record and track all your space utilisation. CELCAT’s room booking solution is a fully integrated web application contained on the Live framework. A user-friendly wizard walks the requester through the process of searching for an available room and meeting their criteria. The user can track the status of their request and once approved, a confirmation email is automatically sent.
  • Reporting
    CELCAT’s reporting solution provides a variety of ways to collect, collate, validate and report on timetable and attendance data. Analysis of that data not only indicates how well an institution performs against Key Performance Indicators (KPI), but also where the institution needs to change for improvement. If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it and you can’t improve it. CELCAT’s reporting solution includes a range of features to analyse resource usage. This includes: out of the box features to examine resource utilisation on the fly, hard copy reports and a number of specialised reporting applications including CELCAT Timetabler Corridor and CELCAT Multi-Week View Report (MVR).
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