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23 - 26 January 2019
ExCel London

Bett 2019 Product List

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  • Robobricks : Imaginative Play | Creative robotics
    C STEM Robotic kit : Welcoming kids to the world of screen free coding & robotics !
  • Robobricks : Imagine | Build | Play
    Build a model | Share your story with i2 DIY kit, an entry level construction toy !
  • Robobricks : Inspiring stories, brick by brick
    Bring your Lego | Duplo | Morphun bricks to Life with CR8 robotics kit !
  • Rocín - Español en acción
    Spanish as a foreign language. Young generations find on technology the best way to learn. Rocín engages the pupils with the Spanish culture following stories on Google Earth; making oral and writing productions while they read and listening fun and exciting stories around the world. Rocín is aligned with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, developing skills on A1, A2, B1, B2 and C1 levels. Using a Collaborative Learning Environment pupils interact with virtual content and teachers follow their progress and use it on classroom. Rocín is structured with several listening, writing, reading interactive activities and speaking assignments to provide the teacher with the best way to asses and follow personalized skills. Rocín allows the teacher to know each student progress , to give personalized student feedback, and to leave assessment and assignment throughout their participation in the course. Rocín is designed and supported by mpl, a specialist in eLearning solutions with more than thirteen years of experience. The platform is powered by Sakai, which is the most LMS implemented by the best ranked universities and colleges around the world. All this infraestructure is implemented on Amazon Web Services.
    Robo Kit is an educational robot kit to foster the next generation of technology leaders. What is the key education for he future leaders? It is CODING! Robo Kit is designed for coding education with ROBOTICS because we believe ROBOTICS is the best way to help kids understand how programming and electronics work.
    Robo Kids is meant to introduce kids to the most helpful STEAM toy which teaches the basics of coding and robotics in a fun and easy way. Robo Kids, an electronic kit, includes sensors, motors and bricks that are compatible with LEGO blocks. In addition, 100 paper cards come up with activities to put kids' critical thinking and problem solving skills to the test without a table or PC
  • Room Booking System
    The market leading Room Booking System is specifically designed for schools to manage the booking of rooms & resources during the school day and invoice hirers for lettings after the school day. We integrate nicely with the school management system to sync the timetable, room closures and teacher cover.
  • Ryefield Primary School
    Website Design
  • ResourcEd : Blog for UK educators and education leaders
    With unique insight into the current benefits of edtech — and what the future of technology in education might look like — ResourcEd keeps you and your staff ahead of the curve. https://resourced.prometheanworld.com
  • Room Booking
    CELCAT’s room booking solution provides staff and students with an easy-to-use, wizard style application for requesting and booking rooms whilst permitting administrators control of the process and thus of space. Now you can record and track all your space utilisation. CELCAT’s room booking solution is a fully integrated web application contained on the Live framework. A user-friendly wizard walks the requester through the process of searching for an available room and meeting their criteria. The user can track the status of their request and once approved, a confirmation email is automatically sent.
  • Reporting
    CELCAT’s reporting solution provides a variety of ways to collect, collate, validate and report on timetable and attendance data. Analysis of that data not only indicates how well an institution performs against Key Performance Indicators (KPI), but also where the institution needs to change for improvement. If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it and you can’t improve it. CELCAT’s reporting solution includes a range of features to analyse resource usage. This includes: out of the box features to examine resource utilisation on the fly, hard copy reports and a number of specialised reporting applications including CELCAT Timetabler Corridor and CELCAT Multi-Week View Report (MVR).
  • RFID Tags
    A RFID tag typically comprises a micro-chip and an etched antenna. The whole device is packaged as a paper-thin adhesive label which may come in a variety of shapes and sizes appropriate to the labeling of books, videos, DVDs and CDs etc. This RFID tag can be applied to library resources in various ways to improve circulation, inventorying, and security. All RFID tags used in the library solutions are passive tags with repeated read/write performances. The tags are anti-collision, and can be read simultaneously without physical contacts. The tags are in high security and privacy with Unique Identifier (UID), 32-bit EAS/AFI password and lock mechanisms.
  • RFID Security Gate
    The RFID security gates are integrated with antenna panels that can detect the security data encoded in each tag and trigger an alarm with sound and red light whenever an illegal operation is detected. This will efficiently prevent the loss of library materials. It also integrates with infrared motion detection technology, so that visitor numbers can be calculated and reported. Some features and benefits include: Simple installation and maintenance Max. 10 panels to set up a 9-aisle solution Firmware updating and customization supported Tag identification: Anti-collision, 3D directions detection, EAS Infrared detector: Direction detection, tailing detection
  • RedboxVR Theta 360 Degree Shooting Kit
    In partnership with Ricoh the new Theta 360 Degree shooting kit is the perfect add on to allow students to create amazing and powerful 360 degree content in conjunction with Google VR Tour Creator.
  • RedboxVR Custom Kits
    RedboxVR can now supply kits based around the Lenovo Mirage Solo / Oculus Go / Pico Goblin / Homido V2 and Samsung Gear VR plus other VR/AR broadened solution in various kit formats. Please contact RedboxVR for further details or visit our website www.redboxvr.co.uk
  • RedboxVR "all-in-one" VR Kits
    The "all-in-one" VR Kits are available as 3x / 8x / 15x / 30x bay solutions. Supplied in a rugged robust travel case providing all devices ready charged including teacher tablet and a built in router ready to go. Using Google Expeditions and other great add on software you can experience places you have never seen before. Come to B141 for full demonstration.
  • Relay
    Relay is a brand new way of filtering, reporting and monitoring. Relay's unique Smart Agents enable filtering & SSL decryption on any device, any OS, anywhere. The powerful reporting features enable high level and granular reports. Smart features include safe YouTube browsing, social media controls and full URL decryption on any search.
  • Redstor
    Redstor is a unified backup, disaster recovery, archiving and global search solution that can be managed from a single, centralised location. Ensuring ease of management, total security and that data can be accessed from anywhere at any time.
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