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23 - 26 January 2019
ExCel London

Bett 2019 Product List

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  • Preschool Immersive Story Mats for Maths
    The Numberfit preschool offering centres around a captivating floor mat that is used to teach key EYFS numeracy concepts. The immersive narrative that accompanies the floor mat encourages movement and positive attitudes towards maths. The intriguing Numberbug adventures with cliffhangers at the end of each story will make the children keen to learn more each week.
  • Puzzle game
    Puzzle game
  • Photon Robot
    Photon is the most technologically advanced educational robot available on the market. As a modern didactic tool it allows teachers to simplify the process of discovering coding world by children. Working with Photon is also an introduction to creative thinking and unconventional problem solving. It allows to use the newest technologies during classes in simple and intuitional way while realising educational curriculum.
  • Phys:bit - Physics board for micro:bit
    Phys:bit is a visual teaching aid, aimed at secondary level Physics students, it enables the student to visualise the different voltage levels across voltage dividers and other circuits. This a new product developed by Proto-Pic, reviewed by SSERC and it comes complete with a comprehensive lesson plan.
  • Planet eStream
    A Unified Media Platform enabling organisations to create their own branded and secure media library, offering direct access to broadcast TV and radio content, lesson and lecture capture, live streaming, image archiving and professional digital signage. Planet eStream also offers educators fantastic tools that enable them to turn videos into engaging and interactive learning resources.
  • passFINANCE
    Designed solely with independent and international schools in mind, passFINANCE comprises an array of modules to cover all the needs of the Bursary, from the complex payment relationships catered for in Billing, through to the HMRC tested and recognised Payroll which incorporates the unique requirements of the education sector. All modules work seamlessly together to give one single view of your school’s finances, reducing errors caused by duplication of data entries and balancing multiple systems, and saving you time, too.
  • Program-O-Tron - Standalone SD Card AVR programmer
    A simple way to program a micro-controller directly from an SD card or via USB, without a PC connection. Great for quickly programming multiple devices in succession, from any one of six HEX programs.
  • Projector Lamp
    Your first choice for replacement projector lamps, filters and remote controls. High quality compatible and original lamps at the best possible prices! Genuine & Universal Filters & Remote Controls, plus immediate 30-day credit account and next day delivery.
  • Pegasus ATC CNC Router Machines
    The Pegasus ATC is the high end CNC router with an automatic tool change facility. In various sizes, such as 1300x1300, 1300x2500, 1500x3000, 2000x3000 and 2000x4000. As standard they are supplied with an Italian 9Kw spindle and with up to 12 tool change. With a 2 year parts and labour warranty, the Pegasus ATC not only comes with the confidence of reliability, but with the 5 star support we offer.
  • PRTG Network Monitor
    comprehensive software allows remote monitoring, offers many predefined sensors and several modes of alerts. The activity of your network is displayed in graphs which simplifies the discovering of problems. PRTG is the best solution for companies of all sizes and in all business areas: It is easy to use, provides advanced monitoring technology, and simply offers the best value for money.
  • PARAPROJECT® Switch U20
    The compact PARAPROJECT® SWITCH U20 simultaneously charges and syncs 20 independently working iOS, Android or Windows devices. Output per port is 3.0 A. The SWITCH U20 comes with a LED status display and a digital channel display.
  • PARAPROJECT® MC10 Multi-Charger
    The Paraproject MC10 Multi-Charger replaces up to 10 separate charging stations for independent iOS, Android or Windows devices with USB charging function. The space-saving systems operates with different international cable types and travel chargers, the AC input for 100 - 240 watt is compatible worldwide.
  • PARAPROJECT® Trolley i32
    The PARAPROJECT® Trolley i32 combines charging, synchronizing and device protection in one safe and versatile storage solution for up to 32 iPad devices. The space-saving swing cover is extremely practical. The system supports and combines both a 30-pin connector and a lightning connector.
    The PARAPROJECT® Cube U10 safely stows away up to ten iPad devices or other tablets (up to 11.6‘‘). In addition to reliable charging, the Cube U10 enables platform-independent synchronization of identical software environment and updated data. This storage solution provides extra protection thanks to a combination lock and an integrated theft protection. The Cube U10 can be easily and firmly installed in the right place using the optionally available wall mounting assembly.
  • PARAPROJECT®  Case N16
    The PARAT PARAPROJECT® CASE N16 is a sophisticated premium transport, charging and sync solution for up to 16 tablets. The clever black tablet carry case made of X-ABS plastic comes with integrated high-class ConPearl® slots to hold up to 16 tablets, storage compartments in the case lid for accessories, a separate compartment to store a master notebook and a charge timer. Combination locks protect the case content from unauthorized access. The premium carry case is rounded off by a handy trolley system with smooth-running castors and a retractable telescopic handle. The PARAPROJECT® CASE N16 is available in silver or black color.
  • PARAPROJECT® Case i20 charge only
    Safe transport and charging are special features of the PARAPROJECT® Case i20. The system case provides a perfect storage solution with a central power supply unit for up to 20 iPad devicers or other Android or Windows 10 tablets up to 11‘‘ – whether transported on four castors, as a trolley or carried by handles. Thanks to its high impact body, the circumferential aluminum frame and dimensionally stable compartments made from 'ConPearl' material, your tablets are always protected.
    The PARAPROJECT® MICRO CASE i15 is a compact charging and transport case for up to 15 iPad devices. The clever interior design of the PARAT tablet carry case, equipped with two integrated MC-10 multi-unit chargers, allows to simultaneously transport, charge and safely store mobile devices with a size of up to 10.5" by pushing them into padded slots. Additional storage compartments in the case lid offer plenty of space to stow away small parts. The premium tablet carry case is made of high-class X-ABS plastic and is fitted with a handy trolley system with four smooth-running castors and a telescopic handle. This makes the carry case extremely robust and ensures easy transport from field site to field site. Combination locks protect the case content from unauthorized access. The PARAPROJECT® MICRO CASE i15 is used both in the educational, health, industrial and catering sector and in the insurance business.
  • PARAPROJECT® Case i10 Kidscover charge only
    The PARAPROJECT® Case i10 Charge Only KidsCover is a handy charging, storing and transport solution for up to 10 tablets (iOs, Android or Windows) with KidsCover tablet protective cases. Here PARAT deliberately does without separators and notebook compartment in order to make space for the tablets, kept in clever KidsCover protective cases. Thanks to its smooth-running ball bearings, the sturdy grips on both sides and the 4-fold telescopic handle, the case is easy to handle as a trolley.
    The PARAPROJECT® CASE i15 BASKET is a clever charging, sync and transport system case for up to 15 iPad devices. The tablet carry case consists of three trays to hold tablets, so-called baskets. Each basket accommodates up to five iPad devices with a size of up to 10.5" in separate slots. The baskets come with a handy folding handle so that you can easily remove them from the case and put them back again. The PARAPROJECT® CASE i15 BASKET simultaneously charges and synchronizes up to 15 mobile devices via integrated multi-charge Hub. Small parts can be stowed away in storage compartments which are integrated in the case lid. In addition, the high-class trolley system with smooth-running castors and a retractable telescopic handle guarantee easy transport of the carry case. The case shell is made of X-ABS plastic and extremely robust. Integrated combination locks protect the case content from unauthorized access.
  • PARAPROJECT® Case i16
    The PARAPROJECT® Case i16 has proved its worth as a mobile transport, charging and sync solution for tablet use in classrooms and training courses. The system case simultaneously charges and synchronizes up to 16 iPad with a central power supply. USB ports, connected in series, support neat cable management, the respective USB cables can be easily replaced thanks to the practical "Flex2Connect" mechanism. The PARAPROJECT® Case i16 is compatible with all types of iPad G4 Air or beyond and Mini. USB lightning cables are included in the package.
  • Purple Mash
    Purple Mash is an educational, creative and inspiring website for primary schools. It’s packed with games and resources for subjects across the curriculum, delivering an engaging experience for pupils and valuable for busy teachers. We provide teachers with lesson plans, curriculum links and video tutorials. All resources are differentiated by content for pupils aged 3-11. Purple Mash is updated with new content throughout the year and it offers resources and a safe platform for promoting e-safety.
  • Parental Engagement
    In order to help schools and MATs boost their parental communication, Groupcall provides the complete suite of solutions, specifically designed to help your school or MAT to get parents involved in all their child’s schooling. You will be able to send personalised text messages, emails, voice calls, push messages and tweets to parents, staff and key contacts, and enable recipients to respond directly to the school, with a complete audit trail of communications. Proven to increase attendance and cut unauthorised absences by flagging when children aren’t present so you can take immediate action, our solutions also offer immediate support to dramatically reduce administrative tasks, saving time and cutting phone and papers costs. Additional modules can also be added to help you organise parents’ evenings, collect payments from parents and create and manage electronic forms and surveys.
  • Parents Evening System
    The Parents Evening System is the market leading online appointment booking software allow parents to book online to see their child's teachers at the parents' evening. It's loved by parents and trusted by schools worldwide to manage millions of appointments.
  • Print & Copy Management
    Fully compatible with a ‘follow-me’ print process. Users submit print jobs to a virtual queue and retrieve from any authorised device, by confirming identity using card or biometric reader.
  • Password Manager
    Providing a secure biometric backed method for password reset which does not require staff intervention, reduces pressure on IT staff and removes stigma attached to forgetful students.
  • Publication
    CELCAT’s publication solution is a suite of applications for publishing timetable data in different formats to different devices. Staff and students can not only view their personalised timetables wherever the institution directs them to, but also be kept up-to-date with timetable changes. Now you can improve student satisfaction by publishing personalised timetables. CELCAT’s publication solution gives institutions the power to choose where staff and students go for up-to-date information about their timetable. Options include integration with Outlook Calendar, viewing timetables on mobile devices and integration with Virtual Learning Environments (VLE).
  • Pay Claim
    CELCAT’s pay claim solution reduces the hassle of managing what is a notoriously difficult area to control. Manual systems require a lot of administration and are prone to error. Our solution manages the process from claim submission to pay roll efficiently, saving you time and your institution’s money. Now, institutions really can simplify the pay claim process. CELCAT’s pay claim solution is a web-based portal accessible on any device. Although standalone, it integrates and synchronises with CELCAT Timetabler and Attendance. Staff can quickly create and submit pay claims based on timetabled events and marked registers.
  • Parotec Wall & Floor Lockers
    Parotec offer a range of Wall fixed Cabinets and floor standing lockers that provide charge to many types of devices. *Shown is the L10 floor standing locker.
  • Parotec DL-10 Auto Docking Desktop Station
    The DL-10 offers easy Auto-Dock for your tablet device. Originally designed for the iPad with dedicated cases allowing easy management and charging. We can now offer bespoke build to adapt to other brands of Tablet devices on request. A new upgraded version to be showcased at BETT Show 2019
  • Parotec DU-16 Universal USB charge / sync HUB
    The DU-16 is available in two formats to manage USB charging devices. Charge Only or Charge & Sync. Using our intelligent charging system you can manage your devices safely and quickly. Perfect for the IT manager within a school.
  • Parotec Mobile Management Cases for SEN
    SEN Mobile Rugged Secure Cases to manage devices within a tough cases such as the Gripcase or "KIDZ" cases. Designed to accommodate these specialised cases we provide unique solutions. Charge Only or Charge & Sync available housing devices of 8 or 16 x bay. Bespoke special build also available on request. *C10 for Gripcase 16x bay shown.
  • Parotec iNcharge / iNsync Mobile Cases : C692
    Parotec offer a wide range of Mobile Rugged Secure Cases to manage and securely store your mobile table devices 7"-11" display. Charge Only or Charge & Sync available housing devices from 10 x / 12x / 16 x / 24x & 30x bay options. Bespoke special build also available on request. *C692 10x bay shown.
  • Parotec iNcharge / iNsync Mobile Case solutions C81
    Parotec offer a wide range of Mobile Rugged Secure Cases to manage and securely store your mobile table devices 7"-11" display. Charge Only or Charge & Sync available housing devices from 10 x / 12x / 16 x / 24x & 30x bay options. Bespoke special build also available on request. *C81 16x bay shown.
  • Project Based Sets (Add-ons)
    Project Based Sets - Solar Power Climate change and global warming urge scientists to take action and save our planet by reducing carbon emissions. The sun can provide free energy for all of our needs, however, we need to convert it to a useful form. This set includes one 3V solar panel that powers an electrical motor, along with instructions for 16 solar powered models such as a chopper car, a fan, a plane, a robot and a winch crane. Conduct thorough experiments and discover: how do solar panels work; what factors affect a solar panel’s efficiency; how weather conditions affect solar power production. - Amusement Park Set In amusement parks, the main attractions are often the exciting, fast rides or the romantic, slow wheels that offer spectacular views from above. This set includes one geared motor to power four large-scale models of such rides: Ferris wheel, London Eye, merry-go-round and booster ride. Additionally, you can experiment with gears by building four smaller models such as a gearbox, an experimental crane, a carousel and a planetarium. Conduct thorough experiments and discover: how the gear’s diameter affects force and speed; how to calculate gear ratio even for complex assemblies; how to use gears to change the direction and plane of motion. - Architecture Set The Architecture Set demonstrates the ability of ENGINO® to build huge models of impressive size and style, appropriate for ages of 8+. Children discover different types of structures and build two oversized models of the Sydney Bridge and the Eiffel Tower! The set is completed with smaller size models including a cable-stayed bridge, suspension bridge, arch bridge, truss bridge and house from printed instructions booklet and online. Conduct thorough experiments and discover: how triangulation makes a structure stronger; what are the main types of forces acting on structures; how do trusses work; what are the major types of cable bridges.
  • Padcaster
    The Padcaster is the perfect product for classroom instruction, school productions and concerts, announcements and sporting events, shooting professional quality videos, digital storytelling, news and journalism, and much more.
  • Project Flow Software
    Project Flow is a cloud-based lesson delivery tool like no other, allowing presentations, activities, questions and work to be sent directly to student devices. It offers automated differentiation and instant feedback on student performance to the teacher. Teachers need to ensure that all students are performing to the best of their abilities and that lesson content is targeted to students’ individual needs and learning styles. Not only that, but ensuring that students have understood all concepts before moving onto the next is crucial to embed the learning. If the class contains individuals who have not fully grasped a particular concept, teachers need to be able to dedicate time to assisting and helping these students. With Genee’s Project Flow lesson management software, all those needs and more – are met through a range of key features including automatic differentiation, informed responsiveness and dynamic updates to your pre-defined groups.
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