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22 - 25 January 2020
ExCel London

Bett 2019 Product List

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  • Project HE:RO
    Project HE:RO uses Health Mentors to improve the attendance, behaviour and achievement of vulnerable and disengaged primary school pupils
  • PC Bundles
    Intel Core-i5 bundles; Includes; Base Unit, Desktop Monitor, Keyboard&Mouse
  • Pythagorea 60°
    Geometry on a triangular grid. A sequel of classic Pythagorea. Triangles require more ingenuity than squares.
  • Pythagorea
    Geometry on a square grid. More action. It perfectly develops geometric intuition and imagination. For all ages.
  • Planet Totem
    Each robot comes with Totem structure and our unique sensor board which will allow you to build the animal and then bring to life with code to respond instinctively to real world actions. Choose from a Crab, Spider and Tortoise, each with a different motorized feature. A perfect next step for enthusiastic coders.
  • Premium Account Families
    Our Little Bridge Premium Family Account provides you child with access to your full Little Bridge program. Students can access the entire Little Bridge programme, which includes our exciting only social community, and over 380 carefully structured activities, which are aligned to the CEFR.
  • Premium Account Schools
    Our Little Bridge Premium School Account provides you with an unlimited number of student licences. Students can access the entire Little Bridge programme, including our exciting social community, and over 380 carefully structured activities, which are aligned to the CEFR. Along with the unlimited student licences, you will receive full access to our Learning Management System, where you can track, monitor and guide your students, and also access additional resources.
  • PiArm: The DIY Robotic Arm for Raspberry Pi
    PiArm is a Raspberry Pi based DIY robotic arm equipped with 6-axis digital servo motors and 360 degrees of rotation freedom designed and developed for kids, makers, techies, and everyone. The PiArm is a fast, powerful and precise full-metal light-weight robotic arm. With its compatibility to all the Raspberry Pi variants, it is an open source software and hardware. The servo motors are designed with the LED glow indicators to detect the health of the motors. It is powered by a shield that supports both USB and GPIO communication.
  • PiShell: Multi Color Case for Raspberry Pi & Camera
    A unique multi-color 3-in-1 Raspberry Pi and camera case. PiShell is a unique case made out of three parts; The base-bumper, body-cover, camera-cover. The material is made out of ABS plastic with dual-shot injection molding. When fully assembled, PiShell gives full protection from the elements as well as give an attractive look to your Raspberry Pi setup. Easily access the GPIO pins by sliding the top cover, mount the camera in the designated slot and close the top cover again, securing the setup.
  • Plezmo Core Kit
    Plezmo® Core Kit brings sophisticated technology to everyone in form of simple building blocks of electronics, logic and designs. From arts to science, music to sports, real world to fantasy world; bring all ideas to life using technology as a creative tool! Plezmo Core Kit contains all the necessary things inside the box to get you started. And it becomes your technology toolkit as you become an expert innovator thinking outside the box! Story kits provide ideas about various types of projects that can be built with Plezmo. Story kits are designed on corrugated sheets that can be folded to create various types of models. These models are made interactive by attaching Plezmo Elements into them and coding instruction through Plezmo App. Story Kits are designed to have simple build steps and provide various physical shapes for use in projects of varied themes such as Arts, Music, Science, Real World System, Robotics and more!
  • Projector Filter
    We supply filters for all major projector brands, such as Optoma, Panasonic, Epson, NEC & Hitachi, but if you can’t find the filter you require then just let us know and we'll find it for you.
  • PARS Communication - call log, email, text, push-note
    With mail merge options including attendance and behaviour, communicate with staff and parents with PARS communication feature. User defined, individuals or SIMS groups can be sent information based on their parental responsibility or priority profile in SIMS. First day absence, detention notification, homework submissions, lates, number of negative behaviour - PARS communication has 1000s fields to chose from ensuring the message sent is correct. All data is saved in a pupil communication log 'evidence!" PARS also allows staff to send messages to 'all teachers of a pupil'. Emergency alert options available for staff ...and so much more! - feature within PARS Connect. Links also to INSIGHT for parental access to selected data.
  • PARS Homework
    Add homework direct from your register, submission reminders, grade work, mark if late, add behaviour, edit, push-not to parents. No need for staff to log onto separate homework software systems. Make life easier in the classroom. - feature within PARS Connect. No need to pay for extra segregated software Links also to INSIGHT for parental access to selected data.
  • PARS Dashboard
    Great for SLT, Form Tutors, Pupil mentors; graphical overview of individual or group data including attendance, behaviour, assessment - feature within PARS Connect. No need to pay for extra segregated software Links also to INSIGHT for parental access to selected data.
  • PARS Seating Plans
    Create seating plans direct from your registers simply. Realtime updates from SIMS means timetables are always accurate in PARS so seating plan data always ready to use. Arrange pupils based on alphabetical order, boys/girls/ behaviour, progress and SIMS group indicators - feature within PARS Connect. No need to pay for extra segregated software Links also to INSIGHT for parental access to selected data.
  • PARS Behaviour
    Log, manage and track behaviour; positive, negative, neutral and 'cash-in'. Automated points, behaviour alerts; fantastic for intervention. Hierarchical detention management with bespoke automated rules. Electronic On Report. See the bigger picture with PARS pupil behaviour - feature within PARS Connect. Links also to INSIGHT for parental access to selected data.
  • PARS
    Pupil Data Management - Registers, behaviour, attendance, behaviour, detentions, asessment, progress 8, communication - text/SMS. push-notes, seating plans, dashboards.... read/write Capita SIMS. Mobile friendly.
  • Pamoja Taught
    Our flagship Pamoja Taught courses are fully taught online. Our courses promote student responsibility and success whilst supporting schools’ digital strategies and easing teacher recruitment challenges. Pamoja teachers track student engagement and activities to provide support at the point it is needed. All our teachers are experienced and trained in online learning methodologies. Students use our online platform to access content at any time, interact with Pamoja teachers and join discussions with other students from around the world. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FpbbLxJ5cC0
  • Parotec  P-TEC TAB-32 & TAB-48 Mobile Cart
    Our new P-TEC Tab-32 & Tab-48 mobile carts offer the smallest footprint in a lightweight frame. USB charge and also featuring SYNC capability it is the ideal solution for managing your Mobile Tablet Devices. *Please note only for USB powered devices.
  • Primary (Key Stage 2) Teacher Training
    eMathsMaster Primary Teacher Edition re-trains non-maths specialists, teaching assistants and NQTs to teach and effectively deliver fun and engaging maths lessons in Key Stage 2. Includes Key Stage 3 for advanced teaching and learning. All topics covered by eMathsMaster have been approved by The Maths Hub for SATs preparation 2018/2019. Upskills teachers in 60-90 hours.
  • Primary Topic School Exercise Book.
    All our books are bespoke. You can customise the inner/outer covers and the inners pages, to meet the needs and specifications of your school.
  • Primary Maths School Exercise Book
    All our books are bespoke. You can customise the inner/outer covers and the inners pages, to meet the needs and specifications of your school.
  • Primary Topic School Exercise Book
    All our books are bespoke. You can customise the inner/outer covers and the inners pages, to meet the needs and specifications of your school.
  • Preschool Immersive Story Mats for Maths
    The Numberfit preschool offering centres around a captivating floor mat that is used to teach key EYFS numeracy concepts. The immersive narrative that accompanies the floor mat encourages movement and positive attitudes towards maths. The intriguing Numberbug adventures with cliffhangers at the end of each story will make the children keen to learn more each week.
  • Puzzle game
    Puzzle game
  • Photon Robot
    Photon is the most technologically advanced educational robot available on the market. As a modern didactic tool it allows teachers to simplify the process of discovering coding world by children. Working with Photon is also an introduction to creative thinking and unconventional problem solving. It allows to use the newest technologies during classes in simple and intuitional way while realising educational curriculum.
  • Phys:bit - Physics board for micro:bit
    Phys:bit is a visual teaching aid, aimed at secondary level Physics students, it enables the student to visualise the different voltage levels across voltage dividers and other circuits. This a new product developed by Proto-Pic, reviewed by SSERC and it comes complete with a comprehensive lesson plan.
  • Planet eStream
    A Unified Media Platform enabling organisations to create their own branded and secure media library, offering direct access to broadcast TV and radio content, lesson and lecture capture, live streaming, image archiving and professional digital signage. Planet eStream also offers educators fantastic tools that enable them to turn videos into engaging and interactive learning resources.
  • passFINANCE
    Designed solely with independent and international schools in mind, passFINANCE comprises an array of modules to cover all the needs of the Bursary, from the complex payment relationships catered for in Billing, through to the HMRC tested and recognised Payroll which incorporates the unique requirements of the education sector. All modules work seamlessly together to give one single view of your school’s finances, reducing errors caused by duplication of data entries and balancing multiple systems, and saving you time, too.
  • Program-O-Tron - Standalone SD Card AVR programmer
    A simple way to program a micro-controller directly from an SD card or via USB, without a PC connection. Great for quickly programming multiple devices in succession, from any one of six HEX programs.
  • Projector Lamp
    Your first choice for replacement projector lamps, filters and remote controls. High quality compatible and original lamps at the best possible prices! Genuine & Universal Filters & Remote Controls, plus immediate 30-day credit account and next day delivery.
  • Pegasus ATC CNC Router Machines
    The Pegasus ATC is the high end CNC router with an automatic tool change facility. In various sizes, such as 1300x1300, 1300x2500, 1500x3000, 2000x3000 and 2000x4000. As standard they are supplied with an Italian 9Kw spindle and with up to 12 tool change. With a 2 year parts and labour warranty, the Pegasus ATC not only comes with the confidence of reliability, but with the 5 star support we offer.
  • PRTG Network Monitor
    comprehensive software allows remote monitoring, offers many predefined sensors and several modes of alerts. The activity of your network is displayed in graphs which simplifies the discovering of problems. PRTG is the best solution for companies of all sizes and in all business areas: It is easy to use, provides advanced monitoring technology, and simply offers the best value for money.
  • PARAPROJECT® Switch U20
    The compact PARAPROJECT® SWITCH U20 simultaneously charges and syncs 20 independently working iOS, Android or Windows devices. Output per port is 3.0 A. The SWITCH U20 comes with a LED status display and a digital channel display.
  • PARAPROJECT® MC10 Multi-Charger
    The Paraproject MC10 Multi-Charger replaces up to 10 separate charging stations for independent iOS, Android or Windows devices with USB charging function. The space-saving systems operates with different international cable types and travel chargers, the AC input for 100 - 240 watt is compatible worldwide.
  • PARAPROJECT® Trolley i32
    The PARAPROJECT® Trolley i32 combines charging, synchronizing and device protection in one safe and versatile storage solution for up to 32 iPad devices. The space-saving swing cover is extremely practical. The system supports and combines both a 30-pin connector and a lightning connector.
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