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22 - 25 January 2020
ExCel London

Bett 2019 Product List

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  • Ohbot
    A expressive robot head with a creative block programming environment for Windows and an Open Source Python library for Raspberry Pi, Windows and Mac.
  • Online Textbook Service for K12 Schools
    Classoos is an online textbook service for k12 UK & International schools with digital textbooks from all leading publishers including textbooks for: GCSE / IGCSE, National 4 & 5, AS & A-Level / (Advanced) Higher, Edexcel, OCR, AQ-A, IB and more
  • On-line Tutoring
    Trivium provides synchronous and asynchronous on-line student Q&A support across 50+ subject matters. Through platform partnerships and collaborations Trivium provides: • Screening candidates based on expertise in subject and English proficiency • Providing training and organizing client testing • Creation of accessibility read aloud texts for images and videos for online courses Trivium offers adaptable business models: Live Tutors from centre– Tutors work from Trivium’s operations centre under the supervision of subject experts and a client dedicated team leader. Tutors are available for a fixed number of hours every day for the entire year. In addition to real-time reporting Trivium’s state-of-the-art facility is equipped with live IP cameras to monitor the tutors from anywhere in the world. Live Tutors from home – Tutors login to the clients tutoring platform from home. Tutoring is provided for a fixed duration of hours every day or for a variable number of hours. Availability, productivity and quality of sessions are managed by a dedicated client team and subject matter experts. Asynchronous Tutors - Tutors respond to student questions within 24 hours of receiving it. Trivium can provide fixed capacity in terms of questions per day to its client.
  • Ordbogen A/S
    Ordbogen A/S has been developing digital dictionaries, online language learning tools and intelligent writing tools for private, educational and business clients since 2003.
  • Online Courses for creatives
    Learn all the essentials skills needed to become a professional designer from an Adobe Certified Instructor.
  • Originality Verification
    Symbols, Images & Character Recognition; Source-Link Identification; Similarity Score
  • Online eLearning Platform
    We host an Online eLearning Platform where you can create and author online learning content that your students can access and interact with tutors anywhere in the world via our app and desktop site.
  • Online dictionary
    Online Maths and English dictionary defining the key concepts in English and Mathematics. Printed versions will also be available.
  • ONE
    Digital technology for elementary schools finally, a simple and intuitive solution
  • Olympus CNC Router Machines
    The Olympus CNC router machines are available in various sizes, such as 1300x1300, 1300x2500, 1500x3000, 2000x3000, 2000x4000. With a 6kW spindle and vacuum, bed, the Olympus range of CNC routers are an excellent choice for quality and price. Each Olympus CNC comes with the full package, leaving no additional costs.
  • Oculus Flatbed Laser Machines
    Oculus flatbed laser engraving/cutting machines. Available in various sizes, 1300x2500, 1300x3000, 1500x2500, 1500x3000 and 2000x3000. These mighty lasers are ideal for larger sheet processing and are inclusive of delivery, installation and comprehensive training. Extended warranty packages are available with all laser products.
  • Oculus Standalone Laser Machines
    Oculus standalone laser engraving/cutting machines. Available in various sizes, 600x900, 900x1300, 1600x1000 and 1500x1200. All Inclusive of delivery, installation and comprehensive training. Optional extras include filtration units, rotary devices and additional service packages and are all available as a complete package.
  • Oculus Benchtop Laser Machines
    Oculus benchtop laser engraving/cutting machines. Available in 500x300 and 600x400 and inclusive of free honeycomb table, delivery, installation and training. Optional extras include filtration units, rotary devices and additional service packages and are all available as a complete package.
  • Observation feed
    The observation feed will allow you to see all of the observations that have been saved for the children at your setting. These can be staff or relative made, published in a child's journal or as a draft, individual or group observations, with or without media, with or without assessments!
  • Omnichart36 - Charge & storage trolley 36 TABLET or 36 NOTEBOOK
    Suitable for mixed vertical position: 3 fixed shelves gray plastic device separators, 2 cooling fans, possibility to open upper compartment with piston system to place one additional device and timer to programme to programme the recharging cyclus of the devices.
  • Open Academy
    Website Design
  • Outdoor Smart Mini Library
    A Smart Mini Library is a machine that offers 24/7 self services ranging from book issue, return, renewal, and reservation, to membership card application, overdue fine payment, and book search. These services are modular-programmed, so a customization is allowed to include the services either in full or in part. The Smart Mini Library Machine can be connected with library management systems, so that it can reserve or receive books from other service locations. It can record circulation histories, and provide a big-data analysis on popular books, top locations, and group interests, etc. , so that an optimization for book purchase and distribution can be realized. This outdoor-series of Smart Mini Library Machines are installed outdoor to provide 24/7 book services. With the shelter and enhanced configurations, it can withstand harsh weather conditions. Features: 24/7 Service without Staff Self-service Book Loan & Return Inter-library Book Reservation & Return Built-in Book Drops to Support Additional Returns Built-in Robot for Automatic Book Issues Big Data Analysis for Book Purchasing & Distribution Optimization
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